Friday, April 24, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 06

Favorite episode from your favorite tv show

I rarely have a favorite episode. I typically have favorite story arcs if anything. Though I was able to narrow it down to two episodes for Once Upon A Time last year (still not over Season 3). And I'm going to do that again for this meme... and it's from two of my favorite shows:

Probably the most fun I've had with watching episodes was the "Flarrow" episodes this season when The Flash and Arrow tv shows did a crossover. Bringing the two casts together was genius and seamless! Granted they live in the same comic universe and all so it's a lot like Disney bringing all of the Marvel comic movies together for The Avengers - meaning it all makes sense - but considering how much I love both TV shows' casts, this was just fun for two straight hours over two days.

The Flash's Season 1 Episode 8 and Arrow's Season 3 Episode 8 were just entertaining from beginning to end. Considering how dark both shows have become as their seasons have progressed, it's nice to relive the "happier" times for Team Arrow and STAR Labs. There was so much tongue in cheek within the two episodes, a ton of action, some heartfelt moments... and a lot of foreshadowing that we may not even see the result until next season for each show!

There were some fantastic moments for John Diggle (played by David Ramsey) who is my favorite character on Arrow (well, favorite one still alive/on the show). Diggle is the voice of reason, keeps the others grounded... and, well... has a GREAT reaction to the impossible.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day Sunset Photos

I went out and chased the sunset - not far, just to my normal spot on the Kenai Beach - last night as it was Earth Day and I haven't gotten to get out and shoot for the longest time. Between weather and just not feeling like it, I've been itching to go in the last week.

So off I went. I would've probably gone somewhere new - but with the new dog we have having had a meltdown when mom and dad went to church I didn't want to leave him alone... and they were later than normal getting home.

The sun is setting around 9:45 at night right now, in just another month it'll be closer to midnight. Then in June it won't really set at all! I love this time of year. Well... I love mid-May through September... right now everything looks dead and grey. April in Alaska is not the most picturesque time to visit. But there are still moments that remind you why Alaska is the closest we will ever come to Heaven this side of eternity (yes, I am biased).

It was a quiet night on the beach, we have about a month left until the beach is littered with thousands of people and fish guts during dip netting. I plan on going out and actually getting photos of the insanity that is dipnet season. I HATE that part of summer. I HATE how our beaches become over run and are not taken care of by those that use her shores to get the fish they supposedly need to live on. Not all dipnetters are bad, but there are enough bad eggs in the bunch that I just wish they'd all go away and leave our small community alone. Anchorage should stay in Anchorage.

So here's to the more peaceful scenes of the beach as the insanity of summer looms ever closer.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 05

A show you hate

I don't want to go so far as say I hate it - but I strongly dislike the NCIS shows. Don't ask me why, my parents love them and I just sit and roll my eyes when I'm stuck watching them (for that matter I'm the same way with Blue Bloods). I don't know why.

I'm also not a fan of Two Broke Girls...

This is a difficult prompt because shows I don't watch I don't think much of. Haha

Saturday, April 4, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 04

Your favorite show ever

This is difficult because I have periods where my favorite shows are the last thing I want to watch, and I'm having a hard time pinning down which one is my favorite of all time. No doubt no matter what I choose for this prompt I'll press "publish" and immediately regret my choice. Ha!

M*A*S*H, though, has been a constant favorite. I own all 11 seasons on DVD, and yet as I type this I'm watching it through Netflix (which is annoying because it's the broadcast versions so some scenes are missing!). It's my favorite kind of "sitcom" - it's funny but has some real world situations that they take seriously. Even though it has strongly liberal leanings in many of its characters and episodes - and for the first five seasons makes the conservative character the villain - their stance is one that is shared across the board.

Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pearce was perfection. I love Alda in anything he does, but Hawkeye was the perfect character for him (later when he was in West Wing and then The Blacklist I realized he could be a mean SOB!), I'm also a big fan of David Ogden Stiers who played Charles E Winchester - the Bostonian Republican (they exist?!). BJ Honeycutt is my favorite of Hawkeye's besties (Trapper's good, but I prefer BJ)... and who doesn't love Radar?

The wit and situations are timeless - while the issues are set during the Korean War and the show was shot at the end of the Vietnam war they still hold true to the issues of today (some things never change). The show is timeless, endearing, and one I love to watch over and over.

Honorable mentions go to:

The Big Bang Theory


Law & Order

Friday, April 3, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 03

Your favorite new show

If you follow me on twitter you know that The Flash is how I spend my Tuesday nights. I absolutely LOVE this show, and I was planning on hating it! I normally don't like spin offs (though Fraiser was much better than Cheers) and I wasn't truly sold on the cast. The only reason I watched the pilot at all was because Jesse Martin was cast as Barry Allen's "surrogate father" of sorts, and I LOVED him in Law & Order.

When the character of Barry Allen was introduced on Arrow, I absolutely LOVED him. Grant Gustin is so freaking adorable as the nerdy superhero. I was totally on board with Barry and Felicity hooking up (which didn't really happen and I'm still kinda upset about that), his chemistry with Stephen Amell (who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow) was also natural. It was hard not to hope good things for his show.

The pilot, I felt, was a little more awkward, and I wasn't quite sold on the show... until the scene where Barry visits his father. No one cries so convincingly as Grant Gustin. He breaks my heart EVERY WEEK. There is no one better suited to play the character - if ever there was perfect casting in a role, Grant is it. The dialogue is tongue in cheek, the characters sympathetic (though I'm still not sold on Ronnie or Caitlin), the stories interesting. With the time travel element it definitely keeps the viewer guessing/wondering.

The Flash has really found its rhythm after the Arrow-Flash crossover last fall, and is already set for a second season. The spin-off is an excellent one and I can't wait for the next episodes!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 02

A show that you wish more people were watching

There aren't a lot of shows that I watch that aren't extremely popular. The ones that are obscure are typically ones that I find on Netflix after they're cancelled (you know, like Terriers). I also don't follow the ratings, so I don't know what shows I watch NEED more viewers to be sure they get renewed. However, that's not what the prompt is asking.

Just what show I wish more watched....

ABC's new show "Secrets and Lies" is one of the shows that fits Hollywood's new theme of "shows we've taken from other countries and just put our actors in them". This one comes from Austrailia and dang if it isn't good (in a lot of ways it's a lot like Fox's Gracepoint which was a knock off of the British show Bridgeport... NBC is also hoping to get in on the craze this fall with their "new" show Game of Silence which is based off a Turkish drama). We're six episodes into the 10 episode series. It's a mid-season series, so it's short and most likely won't see a second season. So get it while you can!

The story follows Ben Crawford (played by Ryan Phillippe) who we meet as he's running out of the woods panicked and calling for help. He's just found a young boy's body in the woods - turns out it's his neighbor's kid. Because he found the body the cops immediately focus their attention on Crawford. As he tries to clear his name and prove his innocence his and the neighborhood's secrets are revealed. Phillippe is surprisingly sympathetic in the lead role, and Juliette Lewis is an incredibly good antagonist in the cop pursuing him. I keep waiting for her to give a line like "we're not driving all the way out here just so you can buy one of those stupid ties with the Santa Clauses on it", but somehow I don't think she's going to be very Audrey Griswold in this role.

A quick glance at the wikipedia page for the show, shows that ratings aren't good. So, come on people, watch! I have no doubt it will finish out the 10 episodes, but I wouldn't mind a second season. I mean, if William Shatner can stand to watch it, can't you?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 01

Show that shouldn't have been cancelled

Oh there are so many shows that I've been sad to see go - Shark, Smash, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland... to name a few. But I think I have to go with the show that I just rewatched for the countless time... and that's the 13 episode long FX series Terriers. The show aired in 2010 and starred Donal Logue (Gotham) and Michael Raymond-James (Once Upon A Time). It wasn't your typical crime drama - in was kind the anti-hero version of a crime drama - and the two played a couple of down on their luck Private Investigators. The show had nothing to do with yappy little dogs, but was a metaphor for the two main characters' outlook on life.

The dry humor is what gets me, every time. Doesn't matter how many times I see it, I still crack up at the antics and sarcasm. It's the perfect show for me. It got great reviews from critics and viewers alike, but it was poorly marketed by the network and the title was... misleading? A title that has to be explained isn't a good one, IMO, but then again I'm not in the business. However I remember when the show was being promoted as a "must watch" and thinking I knew nothing about it and therefore wasn't interested.

My favorite character is, of course, Britt Pollack played by Raymond-James. He's an "ex-con" who saw the error of his ways and partners up with an ex-cop to work the PI beat. He lives with his girlfriend Katie - whom he met after robbing her house and seeing her picture and thinking she was cute, so she looked her up at the bar she worked at - and we meet the couple dealing with the idea of possibly moving on to become parents. Katie wants a baby, Britt not so much. So he's in a foul mood in the opening scene of the series. Still he's pretty good natured throughout the show and definitely has the best lines. His story is relate-able and compelling, and you can't help but cheer for him.

His buddy (both on the show and in real life), Hank Dolworth played by Donal Logue, is an ex cop who had to leave the force due to his drinking problem. He was drinking on the job, and screwed up a major rape case that got him forced out. Just before that, he met Britt who was caught trying to jack a car. At some point the two partner up and we get to witness them foul up and save the day for 13 awesome episodes.

The only reason I watched it 4 years after it was cancelled and on Netflix was because I fell in love with MRJ in Once Upon A Time and needed something else of his to watch. I wish I'd seen it as it aired, though I have a feeling I'd have been very angry that it didn't get picked up for a full season. Though maybe if more folks had watched it, it'd have made it.

So I'll just keep hoping that FX brings it back for a special event, as there have been rumors for a while now... Donal has found success on Fox's Gotham, and MRJ is currently working on a new show hoping to be picked up for the NBC fall line up "Game of Silence" sounds like a GREAT show. Really have high hopes for him and the show.

It's not just April Fools day

Gpa with his pal Willie (taken a few years back).
Today was my grandpa's 89th birthday. My Gpa has been one of my heroes my entire life. My first 5 years were spent in his house while my parents worked. He (and my Gma and Auntie Marge) helped shape my formative years. We did garage projects - I was a fan of crushing the cans for recycle, and painting ANYthing, we went to Costco - my gpa's favorite store EVER, and he's the reason I got involved with the Iditarod.

He loves his box wine, John Wayne (dad now has his John Wayne Memorabilia collection), and his friends and family. He's quick with a pun - seriously that's all we Reitter's have in our "big bag of jokes" - or a funny story from days gone by. He's a big fan of Blue Bloods and Walker Texas Ranger (says Arrow is my generations version of that show... um... no. Ha ha). Don't get in between him and his ice cream (or any sweets) he will not be denied!

It's hard not to look back on my childhood without seeing a lot of time with Gpa. Some of my favorite memories are when we went on adventures in the motor-home (though the time that I slammed my thumb in the door and he told me we'd have to cut it off to get the door to open was traumatic! LOL). He and Gma went on all sorts of adventures outside of Alaska in their Recreational Vehicle, and I was always so jealous. I get my trip planning skills from him, as while going through the memory albums recently I found his itinerary list... it looks identical to some of mine. I can't deny we're related, that's for sure.

My grandfather held many different jobs in his life, farmer, Navy Signalman... he worked for Aerojet (including some stuff for the space program!). When they moved to Alaska he was a Servepro man. Spent many years working for them, and I remember his van well. Lime Green with Sammy on the side. I loved that van. It had the best smell to it - it was definitely a grandpa smell, but not something gross like old man smell. It just smelled like servepro, cigar, and motoroil. I miss that smell.

Gpa was my go to for Iditarod everything. He gave me the book "Danger the Dog Yard Cat" when I was 5 and I was hooked. He was so excited when I took both jobs with the Seavey's (Gpa is a fan of all the teams). He had a coat he wore to the Iditarod every year - with patches from each race he attended. I have that jacket now. I love it. It's so Grandpa.

He's now in Oregon with my Uncle Bob. He needed the change. It's weird to think he isn't in the house that I spent so many hours of my childhood in, but I know he's where he needs to be. And he is just a phone call away. I hear he went for a walk and had a great bday meal. No doubt finished with ice cream.

Happy Birthday Gpa, you are one of the best ever. <3 br="" love="" you="">

30 Days of Television

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