Sunday, February 23, 2020

Iditarod 2020 Musher Bib Numbers

You asked for it, and here it is. The links to all 57 teams heading to Nome in just two weeks. The positive response for these posts has been humbling and overwhelming - almost as overwhelming is the research to find all of these teams online! 46 veterans and 11 rookies are making their final preparations for Iditarod 48, drop bags were deposited to the ITC last week, now the rest of the logistics and final training runs are taking place.

The roster boasts an incredibly strong field with six Iditarod Champions (Pete Kaiser, Joar Leifseth Ulsom, Mitch Seavey, Lance Mackey, Jeff King, and Martin Buser), and four Yukon Quest Champions (Brent Sass, Lance Mackey, Aliy Zirkle, and Jeff King). Jim Lanier, after having to re-qualify for Iditarod this season, will attempt to continue his record of being the only musher to run the Iditarod in every decade.

In researching the musher links, it's fun to learn about each team - there are a lot of fantastic stories and goals represented in this roster. Enjoy reading up on all of them as I have.

*This blog will be updated March 5 after the Bib Numbers are drawn.
*Updated March 5 with Bib Numbers.

Bib #Musher NameStatusLinkLinkLinkLinkLink
2Martin MassicotteRookieIditarod BioFacebook
3Tim PappasVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
4Kristy BeringtonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteInstagram
5Ramey SmythVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
6Fabio BerlusconiRookieIditarod BioFacebook
7Wade MarrsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
8Linwood FiedlerVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
9Peter KaiserVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
10Lev ShvartsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
11Laura NeeseVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
12Lance MackeyVeteranIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
13Meredith MapesVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
14Deke NaaktgeborenRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
15Karin HendricksonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
16Richie DiehlVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
17Gabe DunhamRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
18Anna BeringtonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteInstagram
19Jason CampeauVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
20Travis BealsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
21Nicolas PetitVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookTwitter
22Kelly MaixnerVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
23Aliy ZirkleVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
24Jeff DeeterVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
25Aaron BurmeisterVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
26Martin BuserVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
27Mitch SeaveyVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
28Robert RedingtonVeteranIditarod BioFacebookInstagramTwitter
29Matthew FailorVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
30Tom KnolmayerVeteranIditarod Bio
31Jessie RoyerVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
32Mille PorsildRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
33Michelle PhillipsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
34Jessie HolmesVeteranIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
35Joar Leifseth UlsomVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
36Aaron PeckVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
37Ryan RedingtonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
38Magnus KaltenbornVeteranIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
39Tom Frode JohansenRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
40Thomas WaernerVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
41Jessica KlejkaVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
42Zoya DeNureVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
43Monica ZappaVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
44Brent SassVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
45Larry DaughertyVeteranIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
46Sean UnderwoodVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
47Jeremy KellerVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
48Riley DycheRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
49Alan EischensVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
50Quince MountainRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
51Grayson BrutonRookieIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
52Damon RamakerRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
53Dennis KananowiczVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
54Robert BundtzenVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
55Jim LanierVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
56Nils HahnVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
57Kaci MurringerRookieIditarod BioInstagram
58Paige DrobnyVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram

Which teams are you cheering for? Comment below!


  1. I remember him! I was a checkpoint volunteer at the Yukon Quest. I checked him in, thrilled to be talking to mushing royalty. I was crushed and bewildered when he began yelling at me and questioning why he needed to be checked in when he had done all that in Dawson City (+200 miles ago). I apologized, as Canadians do, and checked with the Checkpoint Manager to be sure I had not made any mistakes. That is the only time in 9 years I’ve been yelled at by a musher. If that had been my first year as a volunteer, I’d never have come back again. However, I just put it down to him being unnerved by the long distances between checkpoints, the weather, or a personal issue.
    I hope he does well at the Iditarod.

    1. Oh no! I don't know which musher we're talking about, but a lot of the time it is stress from a long race on very little sleep.

  2. Wow!!! I'm impressed - that's a lot of work.

    1. Thank you! Thankfully I started doing this earlier in the season with the mid-distance races (not all of them but a few) so it was a simple copy and paste for quite a few of the teams. :) But, yeah, this is kinda proof that I have WAY too much time on my hands!

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. Rooting for Lance Mackey!! You go Lance!! I will be following you all the way!!

    1. I'm really hoping he has a good trip to Nome!

  4. 5 Teams (too bad they cannot all be on my Fantasy team): Buser/HTK, Phillips/Tagish Lake, Zirkle/SP, the King/Homestead & team Wild & Free

    1. That's a good list to follow. And yes the Fantasy Mushing team choices are always so hard!

  5. Thank you Toni! Rooting for ALL THE TEAMS to have a safe and happy trip! :) But it would be nice if Nic or Michelle won.

    1. I'd love to have a lady win! 30 years since Susan Butcher won her 4th and final one. It'd make for great headlines.