A long time ago, in a land far, far away...I was born. Nothing incredibly magical about it, it was January, the day after the San Fransisco 49ers won the 1985 Superbowl, and my mother suffered for over a day before my arrival. I guess I've always been the stubborn opinionated sort, if only they'd gotten the hint from day one!

I grew up in Kenai, Alaska, which I'm told has over 7,000 people living there, but I don't know where they're hiding. In a smaller community you tend to know everyone and they know you. It gives you a safe feeling, and it also makes you very aware of your decisions as they will follow you. I was raised with a sense of pride for my home and my family (and my country) and that honesty and honor was something to always work towards.

I'm a born again Child of God, raised Southern Baptist. I love my God, my Church Family, and while not perfect I strive to be more like my Savior daily. I don't always succeed, but with God's help I'll get there. I moved back to my hometown several years ago after being away for school, and landed back in my home church where I currently run the multimedia ministry.

My true passion is photography. I am currently working to make it a profession as well. I have my own studio out of a room in my church and am hoping business will grow. [ ] When not working or perfecting my artwork I love to travel, watch films, and take long walks with my pug, Stitch. I'm a huge fan of figure skating, sled dogs, Steven Spielberg films, and all things Walt Disney.

This blog is a collection of thoughts - or musings, if you will - of all of my passions. Though, seemingly, it's main themes seem to be Sled Dogs and fangirling over tv shows and actors. Sometimes it's in a journal style, sometimes it's more of a journalist style. I blame my schooling for that.