Saturday, June 17, 2017

Phone Scam Alert!

Last night (June 16, 2017) as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, the phone rang. Dad answered and the caller asked to speak with Alan Reitter. My dad said that was him, and the man on the phone said that there was a warrant out on him because he failed to appear for jury duty. Dad is scheduled for Grand Jury duty in July, and he informed the man on the phone of such. The man continued to say that my dad had incorrect information, that he'd missed his court date, and that there was a warrant out for his arrest if he didn't show up at a location to sort this all out.

Mind you, this is well after hours for the court - and it's also not "illegal" to have missed jury duty. This man didn't care, he stated he was with the Alaska State Troopers and that if my father didn't drop everything and do as he said, they'd have to arrest him.

The caller's call dropped several times but he called dad right back. Each time the caller ID said "private caller". While my dad continued to get information from this guy about this supposed warrant I kept saying it was a scam, but no one believes me without me having someone else back me up (which is a rant for another day), so I texted my friend who is a prosecutor here in Kenai. He texted back SCAM!!!!! My dad informed the man on the phone that he was going to have to call the police and make sure this was legit as "an ADA just told me you're a scam." The man's call conveniently dropped again.

My dad reported it to the Kenai Police Dept. Soon after he was done with that long call the SCAMMER CALLED BACK. I'd had enough, and I answered the phone (dad was on another call with the Alaska Office for the FBI - who gave him the number to call the office in DC!). The scammer once again asked for my dad and I asked if this was the supposed officer from the Alaska State Troopers. He said yes and that he needed to talk to my dad. I informed him that we've already talked to the police and they said not to talk to him any more. He told me that WE CALLED THE WRONG DEPARTMENT and that we needed to talk to him only. I got REALLY pissy at this point and told him absolutely not that the KPD WAS EXACTLY WHO WE NEEDED TO CALL and to STOP CALLING OUR HOUSE. He said he was going to send troopers to our house and I hung up.

We had dinner, went to the movies, came home - he'd not called again and it's been over 12 hours and no trooper has showed up to arrest anybody.


The info the man used to Identify himself as "legit" were:
Name: "Lt. Steven Harris of the Alaska State Troopers"
Case Number: FTA 0079-81-10CV
Phone number: 907-290-3015 ext 3

Again, we've spoken with folks at the Kenai Police Dept AND the FBI and both say this is a definite scam and that it's been going around the Peninsula for a few weeks now. IF YOU GET THE CALL - CALL THE POLICE AND REPORT IT. They use it to get more statistics on who they are calling it may help them track down where they're getting info.

Feel free to share. You can contact me with more questions if need be.