Sunday, September 6, 2015

August flew by, September isn't slowing down!

I have been crazy busy this summer with work, photos, family, friends... I need to slow down but there seems to be no end in sight. It's getting more than a little draining on the nerves!

But with September comes the start of fall season TV premieres. I am SUPER STOKED for my shows this year. Arrow came out with their promo this past week and I got all fangirly, it looks like it's going to enter the season with a major BANG and the humor we've come to know and love is also present. I really hate that the CW shows aren't airing until October! I don't want to wait that long (one month to go... *sigh*).

Speaking of waiting. The Blacklist is also set to make its comeback in October. Originally set for the 24th the promos now say Oct 1. I am not happy about that - again, I do not like waiting - but the promos have been good - and they even gave us a half hour look at what's happened so far and what's coming up (and it's hosted by the most wonderful Ryan Eggold)!

The Big Bang Theory left us with a very big cliffhanger (no more SHAMY?!) and I cannot WAIT to find out just what the heck is going on (I mean the ring and the break?! seriously?!). It's also the only show of mine that begins in September. I just realized that. What the crap television executives?!

But really the only reason I even wanted to do a blog post at all tonight was GAME OF SILENCE FINALLY HAS A TRAILER! OMG! It's a mid-season show that still does not have an airdate (I've read sometime in January... I'd be okay with it airing on, oh, say, the 21st... heehee), but the cast started shooting in August and so there's been a lot of buzz in the fandom. *YAY SILENCERS!* I have to admit I had a lot of reservations about this show - mainly wondering if it would resonate with tv viewers, but the trailer has set most of those fears to rest. I really think this show will have staying power. 

CHECK IT OUT! (and once again MRJFanpage is awesome and has posted the vid to youtube!)

I still hate a certain actor's haircut, but I love him enough to not care too much. ;)