Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yuna Kim Throws Hat In The Ring

Yuna Kim in New York City. October 12, 2010.
Photo (c) Getty Images.
Kim Yuna's camp released a statement yesterday stating Kim's intention to compete in the 2011 World Championships, it will be her only competition of the season unless she decided to skate at the Four Continent Championships. The announcement comes just days after Kim's main rival, Japan's Mao Asada, did not make it to the Grand Prix Final.

Kim Yuna kept busy over the summer with her All That Skate shows followed by a dramatic break up with her coach Brian Orser. By early fall Kim moved on by bringing All That Skate to Los Angeles and announcing Peter Oppreggard as her new coach. A few media appearances throughout the fall, though, is all the skating world heard from their golden girl....

Until yesterday when she rocked their world once again saying she wasn't leaving competitive ice just yet. According to her press release, Kim will be skating to music from the ballet "Giselle" for her short program, while paying homage to her home country in her long program to "Arirang" - "the most famous piece of Korean Folk Music". David Wilson choreographed both programs, meaning the Short Program that Shae Lynn Bourne reportedly worked with Kim on has been scrapped.

Debate in skating circles revolves around whether or not the move to not skate until Worlds is a wise decision. With the ladies figure skating being in the state it's in - the more inconsistent skaters coming out on top and the reigning world champion faltering in her grand prix events - it's no surprise that Kim feels she's more than capable of the top spot should she skate relatively clean.

But, can it backfire? With no events prior to Worlds how is she going to work out any kinks that may give her 0 points or deduct them. There are new rules, and - while she still has a coach - she may miss a key component to the rules. There's also the competition jitters, we have no idea as to how well Peter will be able to calm Yuna and give her the confidence her former Coach was so able to give her. Will she have the nerve to go out there with brand new programs and skate to the top? Does she even have the competitive fire that she needs?

The one competition Kim could use as a spring board is the Four Continent Championships which will be a few weeks before the World Championships. This would be a wise move to skate in, but Kim told International Figure Skating in their latest issue that she didn't think she could be prepared in time to compete. Considering IFS is a bimonthly magazine, Kim must have just recently started hard training. If she's not ready for 4CC, will a few more weeks help her that significantly?

One thing's for sure, it just made this season interesting.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Back!

Not going to take a whole lot of time and update, will do that sometime in the next few days. I am a bit under the weather and still editing photos from my trip. Had a great time, great weather, great company. And Thanksgiving was good as well. I'm still on a wacky time schedule and as such I'm just BLAH. I also feel a cold coming on, so I'm trying to keep it at bay.

Next on the agenda for me is moving down to teh Peninsula into my new home. More on that, hopefully once I'm not stressed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day Twenty

Day 20: A Hobby

I have several hobbies, and they all seem to be linked. Photography leads to scrapbooking, and most of my photography (hobby) and scrapbooking revolves around my travelling. You probably see where I'm going with this.

I have officially hit the 24 hour mark until I'm on a plane watching the Flight Attendants do the emergency procedure demonstration. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I love to travel, but my body hates to fly. My stomach is normally in knots and the barfbag is always the first thing I locate when I get to my seat. Dremamine is going to be the experiment this time around. It doesn't do anything for me when I'm on a boat in the ocean, but I'm going to give this extra strength drowsy kind a try. It's adult chewable orange flavor. Yeah, that's all Fred Meyer's had ha ha!

Hopefully it will work because I REALLY don't want a repeat of my last time on an airplane where I basically threw up for three hours. Yuck.

So this blog is going to be pretty much quiet for the rest of the month. I get back on thanksgiving so I should start blogging soon after ( not that anyone really cares about my schedule ). However, Erin and I will try to blog from time to time while on our trip. We have our own travel blog which you can find here - http://originaldorktwins.blogspot.com/ - and we'll be updating our facebooks. I will also try to twitter when possible - http://www.twitter.com/tonichelleak - so there's no excuse not to know what we're doing! Favorite our blog, follow me on twitter!

In other non-meme news: My parents go to view the potential new Casa for Tonichelle today at 11. I'm really hoping this comes through. I'm praying that a job opens up and it is a total possibility. I really hate that this will be decided while I'm travelling, though. All because dad took forever to actually do some investigating on the place. Oh well, it'll all work out.

I better get off of here and actually finish packing, or this trip will never get off the ground!

Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day Nineteen

Day 19: A Talent of Yours

Well I'm going to take the cheaters way out and say Photography. Quite possibly it's the only semi-talent I have. I envy those that can sing, play an instrument well, and other talents. I envy other photographers as well, because I'll tell you a secret - I'm not very good. At least, I don't believe that I am. Seems funny that someone who is on her way to being a professional photographer says that, but I look at others and their work and I feel that I am sooooooooo far behind them on the talent scale.

I think the work I'm most proud of these days are my photos of sled dogs. I'm really enjoying shooting the races, however I'm no where near Jeff Shultz's ability. But he's had way more practice. I'm super excited to use my new zoom lens to see what types of shots I get this year!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day Eighteen

Day 18: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Yay another "you have permission to ramble all the live long day" day! Ha ha!

I shouldn't even be posting at the moment, I should be doing laundry and packing for my trip. Erin and I are down to three days before I fly out to Seattle and she drives over from Montana to meet me. But my dad just called and gave me some incredible news on something I've been looking at for quite a while.

There's a house that's for rent on the Peninsula that is prime real estate. I figured it'd get picked up with no problem early on, but it's been reposted in the last couple of months - assuming it rented out easily in the summer for just the summer - it has EVERYTHING paid for and I and my parents all thought it would be a huge expense. So I let it go.

On a whim my dad called the person renting it out, and it's less than half of what we thought. WOW. I'm really praying that it works out, if I find a roommate it's a done deal, I'll take it as God moving. Technically I have the money for just me to make first month's rent, but I won't have another high paying job right out of the gate. I'll need to get anything until I can find something that pays well. I've just sent out a couple of applications, but with my leaving for three plus weeks it may be difficult.

My parents are so jazzed right now it'd probably be easy to swing them into helping me out at this point! LOL

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day Seventeen

Day 17: A piece of artwork (painting, sculpture, etc)

Okay, I couldn't figure out one piece that I liked most, so I went with a favorite artist. Jon Van Zyle is an Alaskan artist (seeing a pattern, yeah, you should) who is the official artist for the Iditarod. He doesn't just paint sled dogs and mushing, but he documents all of Alaska. He's an amazing talent.
Check out his website here: http://www.jonvanzyle.com/index.html

In other, somewhat related, news: the Iditarod Idita-rider Auction is up and running. This is a huge event as it's a great way to raise money for the race, while giving fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to run with their favorite musher for the first eleven miles of the race. You get to ride through Anchorage, AK in the ceremonial start of the Iditarod and hang out with your musher at the Musher banquet. Visit their website here: http://www.iditarod.com/ for more information on the race and the auction.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Long Night...

Packing has come to a standstill, why? Because I'm watching the numbers come in for the state. So far those that I've voted for are leading. The senate race is, of course, what everyone is talking about not just here but also nationally (thanks *SO* much for that Sarah Palin. Ugh.). I've not been happy with teh potshots the outside media has taken tonight, but there's nothing I can do about that.

My state has been overtaken by transplants and outsiders, but Alaskans are fighting back. We're telling Palin to blow it - even if the write in campaign fails to win Murkowski her seat back, as long as we stay neck and neck, if you add in the votes going to McAdams, there's a strong message there. The Sarah Palin that stands away from Alaska today, is not our Palin. We backed her up two years ago, and she's turned her back on us now. Why? Because we're too small for her. In all of our vastness, we just don't matter nationally.

Instead of fighting for Alaska, she's agreed with the rest of the outsiders and has decided Alaska is only good to peak people's interests. It's only important when it suits her political needs. Fine. That's her own choice. But then STAY OUT of our affairs, Sarah. This "Palin's Alaska" crap is not welcome here, and we're saying it loud and clear.

I am a conservative Alaskan Republican. If speaking out against this disgusting turn of events revokes my card, let me be the one to burn it. No, I don't think Murkowski is going to be able to bring money to the state that doesn't exist. No, I don't think she's the best chioce we could possibly have (I've suggested Knowles would be better than Murkowski, so obviously that's not it). No, she's not Pro-Life. It's why I bought into the Joe Miller campaign early on and voted for him in the primary.

Then he shot his mouth off and has decided in order for him to effectively LEAD, Alaska must change. That the Bush/Rural communities need to change if they want the money we're funnelling into them, is absurd. That he keeps talking to a national LIBERAL media instead of the STATE'S liberal media, showing us that ultimately the nation's opinion matter more. That he did not want to wait to see the people's choice - true chioce, not just primary - and declared himself the winner months ago. That he speaks of national plans, and barely mentions Alaska plans to the general public....

I vote ALASKA first. This does not make me less of a Republican (until now Republicans have looked out most for our state), this does not make me less of a Christian (as we all know God allows us to choose our Earthly Leaders, but he was not pleased in Saul and David's time about it, and I doubt highly He's any more okay with it these days) - OMG, I didn't vote for the pro-life candidate, I'm going to Hell! I'm pro-life, but that's NOT ENOUGH for me in this election. Life is important, but not at the expense of life that is going on now. Potential life will be well protected by others. Murkowski dances polls, she's had the wake up call, she'll vote smarter - but what this does make me is an Alaskan.

I don't believe transplants who come in, live in Anchorage, and talk of leaving the state or talk about rural areas as if they're third world countries are ALASKAN. You're city folk who buy into the whole Alaska thing. There's a reason why we say Anchorage is just an hour outside of Alaska in any direction. It's NOT Alaska. It's a quaint little city on the edge of our borders.

This does not mean all Anchorage-ites are non-Alaskan. There are many who were here before "The City of Anchorage" was. They're the ones backing the Alaskan traditions, and they're Democrats, Republicans, Independants, and unsures. But they think and live and feel and BREATHE Alaska first. The Feds be damned, they've not done a thing for this state that Ted Stevens and the other founders didn't fight tooth and nail - and yes across partylines - for. The Feds control 45% of this state. They tell us how to live, they tell us how to think, but refuse to understand our culture, our way of life. It's not the stereotypical life in "Palin's Alaska" where we mush dogs in our designer duds (most Mushers wear carharts because they're practical, not because it's a designer name). Where we wear make up and do our hair just so to go fishing while yelling that we love tranquility scaring away the brown bears. And we certainly don't throw one another under a bus when climbing the ladder.

That's the outsider influence. And if it all went away tomorrow (even if that meant the money went away, too) that'd be just fine. We did fine without you, we'll continue to do fine.

So here's to Don Young - who stands for Uncle Ted's Alaska (which is far more important than Palin's)! And Sean Parnell who stuck it to Palin after she dumped a mess in his lap and fled our state. And here's hoping those of us independent enough to vote for the state get to be heard through the write-ins!

30 Days of Me: Day Sixteen

Day 16: Song That Makes You Cry (or Very Nearly So)

For those not paying attention: I am a huge daddy's girl. We're very close, and I love spending time with him. When Tim McGraw did the song for Flicka and it debuted on the radio I had to pull over and cried my eyes out for a solid five minutes. So I think it's only fitting that "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw gets the nod on my journal today. I refuse to listen to it all the way through as I am kinda homesick today. So for those who aren't as emotionally connected to the song I share with you the official music video!

Daddy, Love you MORE!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Haille is Ariel

A Collage of Haille's Halloween 2010. She will be taking this dress to Disneyland when we go for her birthday in February. It's a stunning dress, I'd totally wear it as an adult. *hint to Disney*

30 Days of Me: Day Fifteen

Day 15: A Fanfic

This is quite random, and supposing that the one playing along reads such things. I am not a reader of fanfic, normally because I have an idea in my mind as well, but it never jives. However a friend of mine does write Fanfic and on occasion I have been surprised with myself as I get all fangirly over what she's written. It's based on the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean series of films and takes place after the third film (At World's End) and is about the character William Turner and his new life aboard the Flying Dutchman.

If you're curious you can read it here: A Touch of Destiny