Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last day of July...

Summer has gone by far too quickly. Tomorrow is august. I haven't been blogging, I've been scrapping. Basically I work and come home and scrap. Mainly because I just need to destress and these days the internet is anything but relaxing for me. That doesn't mean I haven't been tweeting or facebooking, but I've been mainly on my phone.

At the very beginning of the month I let my landlord know, via my parents since the property manager's son was becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with, that I would not be renewing my lease. I was tired of my neighbor's issues. My neighbor in the single unit was becoming more and more stalkerish. She knew too much about me (like where I worked, what my schedule was, and - get this - how much I reportedly made! Who gave her THAT info?). I was still unable to use the laundry facilities because of her smoking, my whole house smelled like it, and I was just done. My landlord was SHOCKED and "saddened" that I wasn't staying.

She had the prop. manager take down the for sale sign, and put up a for rent sign. Then my nosy smokey neighbor invited random people to come into my house. She waited for me to come home and demanded I let them go in. I told her no, she pressured and I finally relented for no other reason than to get her to leave me alone. SHE INVITED HERSELF INTO MY HOUSE! UGH! It makes me wonder how many times she went in there when the prop manager's son was showing teh house to potential buyers because she knew where everything was in my house. Insanity!

So, instead of renting I'm living with my parents in teh house I grew up in while I save money and build credit so that I can get myself a mortgage. It should take about six months barring any random issues. I have my very own credit card (pretty much against my will) which I will use to get my credit score to actually exist (they didn't even have my name in the system when they pulled my credit report. Go me!).

Still working at teh credit union, but as of this afternoon I've completed a letter/application for a job opening at the Alaska Court System here in Kenai. It's a better pay rate, I like the hours they have, and I just don't really feel like the CU is the right fit for me. I've been very discouraged lately, and just feel I need the change.

Photography has once again stalled due to my work schedule. I do have some things planned for August, though, and more in the works. Looking forward to it.

I finally got to go fishing last wednesday. Kept one red and landed four. It was a great day on the Kenai with just my dad. It was worth waking up at four in the morning on my one day off ha ha.

So that's basically the latest on me. Nothing overly exciting, but I had to put something on here for July. I guess.