Sunday, December 31, 2023

2024 Knik 200 Roster

After a month of smaller races and several sad stories of dog teams tangling with snow machines, the race season is in full swing for 2024's first weekend. As always, the new year kicks off with the beloved Knik 200. Put on by the Knik Trail Blazers, the Knik 200 saw its roster fill up very quickly. The wait list, too, had several teams waiting and hoping for someone to drop out to be able to fill the spot. The race boasts a full roster for Saturday.

While the Lower 48 is still waiting for winter like temperatures and any sort of real snow, Alaska - especially South Central Alaska - has seen an abundance. The week between Christmas and New Year saw below zero temps before warming up to ring in the New Year. This winter has already thrown a little bit of everything at the teams.

Speaking of teams, you're probably just here for the roster list with links to the musher's websites and socials. As has been the norm for the last several years on the blog, we've got you covered. The addition of kennel names (when known) are back as well as that was a popular new feature last year.

As always, this roster will look slightly different come race day once Musher Bibs are drawn the night before. For now the list is in order of how the race shared it earlier this week. If anything needs changing, shoot me a message and we'll get it fixed!


2Josh McNealCrooked Creek KennelWebsiteFacebookInstagram
3Ashley DoveCrooked Creek KennelWebsiteFacebookInstagram
4Ed HopkinsTagish LakeWebsiteFacebookInstagram
5Ryan RedingtonRedington MushingWebsiteFacebook
6Mary BonifaceTailwind KennelWebsiteFacebookInstagram
7Ibi WemarkTurning Heads KennelWebsiteFacebookInstagram
8Wade MarrsStump Jumpin KennelWebsiteFacebookInstagram
9Adam LindenmuthSojourn ExpeditionsWebsiteFacebookInstagram
10Brianna BlomgrenTeam BaileyFacebook
11Travis BealsTurning Heads KennelWebsiteFacebookInstagram
12Dane BakerAlaskan Husky AdventuresWebsiteFacebookInstagram
13Dave TurnerRacing ChaosFacebookInstagram
14Anna HennessyShameless HuskiesWebsiteFacebookInstagram
15Sarah GilesNic Petit RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
16Bridgett WatkinsKennel on a HillWebsiteFacebookInstagram
17Juliah DeLoachOil Well KennelFacebook
18Travis VanderhoofDream Team KennelsFacebookInstagram
19Amanda OttoHusky HomesteadWebsiteFacebookInstagram
20Jessi DowneyAimaagvik KennelFacebookInstagram
21Dakota SchlosserSled Dog SystemsWebsiteFacebookInstagram
22Anna BeringtonSeeing Double RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
23Sadie LindquistSeavey's Ididaride WebsiteFacebookInstagram
24Brent SassWild & Free RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
25Ashley FranklinOrange Blossom KennelFacebookInstagram
26Eddie Burke Jr.Off the Rails RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
27Lara KittelsonSeavey's IdidarideWebsiteFacebookInstagram
28Josiah LiebeDallas Seavey RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
29Isaac TeafordDallas Seavey RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
30Michelle PhillipsTagish LakeWebsiteFacebookInstagram
31Bailey Cross VitelloTeam BaileyWebsiteFacebookInstagram
32Joshua RobbinsOutreach 22WebsiteFacebookInstagram
33Emily RobinsonRobinson Racing KennelWebsiteFacebookInstagram
34Nic PetitNic Petit RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
35Hunter KeefeRedington Mush AlaskaWebsiteFacebookInstagram
36Gabe DunhamEvermore AdventuresWebsiteFacebookInstagram
37Isaac RedingtonRedington RacingFacebook
38Matt RandallRock On RacingWebsiteFacebookInstagram
39Matthew Failor17th Dog/Alaskan Husky AdventuresWebsiteFacebookInstagram
40Robert RedingtonAlaska XFacebookInstagram

*Roster updated January 5, 2024.

Who are you excited to see on this list? Have a favorite you're cheering for? Who do you expect to take the top prize? Comment with your thoughts below.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Dallas Seavey: "Please do not drink and drive this weekend"

Note: This story has details of massive injuries to dogs, dog death, and human trauma. 

Dallas Seavey at the restart of Iditarod 51. Seavey
released a statement today about a fatal incident
involving one of his dog teams and a snow machine
allegedly driven by a drunk driver on Saturday.
A trooper report spotted on Sunday morning reported a snowmachine accident involving a sled dog team outside of Cantwell, Alaska around 8:30pm on November 18. The dispatch gave little detail as to the event or the condition of those involved. All that was known was that no charges had been filed and the investigation was ongoing. Many within the mushing community and fandom alike wondered who it could be, and those in the know remained silent waiting for an official statement.

Wednesday morning, Dallas Seavey made a statement via his social media page indicating that a team from his kennel was the one involved. Handler Josiah and a team of nine Dallas Seavey Racing Kennel dogs were hit head on by a snow machine driven by someone who appeared heavily intoxicated. One dog died instantly, another succumbed to injuries an hour or so later. Three remain in critical condition. Seavey reported that four of the dogs as well as the musher, handler Josiah, had minor injuries.

"Josiah’s team was hit by a snowmachine traveling ~65mph in the opposite direction," Seavey wrote. "Of the nine dogs in the team one was killed instantly, one had several broken legs and died within an hour, three had compound fractures or limbs nearly amputated by the impact, and the remaining four had minor injuries (by comparison)."

Seavey detailed the injuries of the three dogs in critical condition. Two have already had surgery, one to amputate a leg, the other dog to hopefully save a leg. The third dog is so critical due to fluid on the lungs that they cannot operate on this time, but the dog needs to have its leg amputated as well. Seavey believes all three dogs will never run in harness again - even if the one's leg can be saved. 

Dallas Seavey closed his statement with a plea ahead of a holiday many over imbibe during - "Please do not drink and drive this weekend," he wrote. "And remember, there are other users on the trails."

This could have had an even more tragic story as not just dogs but humans were hit by a snow machine going 65-70 miles per hour. Josiah was thrown from the dogsled but still managed to tend to dogs as they bled. Had it not been for the fact that he was traveling with two other experienced dog mushers (Dallas ahead of him by at least half an hour, Isaac behind him) we may have had a very different outcome for most of the dog team. 

This evening Dallas Seavey was interviewed by Anchorage Television station and NBC affiliate, KTUU's Mike Ross. While the broadcasts shared snippets from that interview, Ross shared the interview in its entirety on his Facebook page after the broadcasts. WARNING: Dallas goes into great detail of the incident as he knows it, as well as the sometimes graphic detail of the carnage he found when he came to Josiah's aid. He mentions the help of fellow musher Paige Drobny (Squid Acres) to get him to the crash site. It's about 20 minutes long and it is a HEAVY listen. 

Monday, November 20, 2023

Dryland in September

I know, it's November, but I never shared my favorite shots from the morning I spent at the Chugiak Dog Musher Association's Dryland races at the end of September. I was in town for Scott Hamilton's Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer (and yes this fangirl cried because Scott Hamilton was RIGHT THERE) and then my wonderful friend Meredith Mapes twisted my arm to have me come snap some pics of her and her canine friends doing what they love.

I wasn't able to stay for the full day, but I did get some shots that I'm pretty happy with. Enjoy.