Monday, June 28, 2010

ISU-1, Plushenko-0

Sanctions from the ISU (International Skating Union) came down this week on self-awarded Olympic Platinum Medalist, Evgeni Plushenko. After skating in the Vancouver Olympics, Plushenko announced he would not skate at the World Figure Skating championships due to medical reasons. An investigation done by the ISU, however, found that during the championships, Plushenko skated in an ice show without permission from the Russian Skating Federation. This is a breach of ISU rules - that were put in place to ensure the top names would find the incentive to compete there by boosting television and ticket sales.

Fans of the sport and the skater alike have voiced their opinions rather strongly as the news broke this morning, many siding with the ISU. This is not a tale of a new to the scene skater not knowing of some obscure rule, this has been set in place for many years now, and Plushenko has been a fixture on competitive ice for over three Olympic cycles.

While other skaters also took time away from Worlds after the strenuous Olympic season, only Plushenko used a medical reason and then decided to skate in a show in the weeks after competition. He did so without the approval of his federation, almost as if he were thumbing his [rather large] nose at the association that dared to give another man "his" second Olympic title.

Plushenko has 21 days to appeal the ISU's lifetime ban.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Many familiar faces sign up for Iditarod 2011

Yesterday marked the opening of Musher sign-ups for Iditarod 39. Sticking with tradition, mushers gathered at the Volunteer picnic to be first in line to get the covetted early numbers to be first up to the pot for their race numbers at the mushers banquet. Iditarod royalty was out in force with the Seavey's and Mackey's all making appearances. What was most surprising, however, was the fact that several mushers who had  hinted at retirement were there on sign up day to throw their hat into the ring one more time.

Race fixtures Martin Buser, Mitch Seavey and DeeDee Jonrowe are once again running, as well as up and coming stars Dallas Seavey (still in it to become the youngest musher to win, taking the title away from Rick Swenson. We've got three more years to see it happen) and Jamaca's Newton Marshall. The Scottish team will also be represented by one of the two mushers who ran this past Iditarod.

They hinted they weren't sure what the future held for their racing teams, but Lance Mackey and Hugh Neff have decided to put off the retirement decision one more year. And, coming back to the race after saying he was done last year, Sebastian Schnuelle has also added his name to the roster.

The Reddingtons are represented this year, as always, and Gebhardt, Jones, Gatt, Smyth and Zirkle have also signed up. No news from John Baker's camp as to if he is running the race this year or not (he has not spoken previously of hanging it up any time soon) and Karen Ramsted is also missing from the early roster. As announced this past winter, Jeff King is retiring from the Iditarod and it looks to be true as he was not there to sign up. There are still months left to go, so more names should be added. So far, forty-six have signed up.

You can see the list as it stands now on Aily Zirkle's kennel blog, click here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

What would your dream job look like?

It'd be a Television studio/complex where I would shoot and broadcast an all figure skating network.

and in my sparetime I'd be the female version of Steven Spielberg for film.

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Book Review: The Father I Never Had

Christian Singer-Songwriter and Pastor, Joel Engle's song "The Father I Never Had" is now in book form, it's a fleshing out - if you will - of his autobiographical song. Engle leaves no stone untouched in this unguarded accounting of his life and testimony. Gone is the facade that he is a 'perfect Christian' that no doubt comes with the territory of being in the Christian limelight. So rarely are we given a glimpse into the real life of an artist we admire, only to find out that they, too, struggle with their faith.

If you've followed Joel Engle's career at all, you know his testimony and his story. Engle's father was never in the picture, and his mother died when he was young. He went to live with his grandparents, until his grandfather passed away, and then he went to a group home - from their God blessed him with an adoptive family as he entered his teen years. He shared this story numerous times over the years at different youth events (I saw him waaaaayyyy back when I was just reaching double digits when he sang at our little church of First Baptist Kenai Alaska for True Love Waits, and then again in my late teens at a Youth Conference in Anchorage, AK.) but that's as far as it went, he never really fleshed it out (other than the horror of finding his mother unconcious on the floor) before he went on to talk about the Grace and the Peace he'd found in God, in the Father he never knew he had.

The book is a fairly quick and easy read, but it holds a lot of power. The reader can definitely tell the writing was no easy task, but that it's also a watershed of emotion for Engle.The honesty within each page, and the pain, helps the reader not just get a better understanding of where Engle is coming from, but in a very real way brings about how Engle views his faith. The reader connects very quickly with Joel, even if their life was seemingly 'easy' with a two parent family and nothing 'horrible' has happened in their life because Joel is open with everything - especially his doubts and faults.

Engle never preaches at the reader, and he never talks down. It's like a long letter to a friend where he's just spilling his guts in a very real and personal way. It's his sharing of his faith, and even with everything that has seemingly gone wrong in his life - and much of it he still doesn't understand why it had to happen that way - you can see God moving in his life. Joel introduces you to a very real God who is more than just a spiritual being that is untouchable. God sustains us in our time of need, He is a very real comfort, and Joel uses his life as an example as to how. Yes, he had tragic moments in life and learned early on that life isn't fair - this is truth, we all have that same realization at some point in different ways. We live in a fallen world where evil does exist in all forms - not because God is not all powerful (He IS all powerful) but because He loves us enough to let us make decisions for ourselves (sometimes the wrong ones, but we typically need to learn the hard way).

This book is a must have, a must read. Share it with kids and adults alike that have had similar experiences with an absent father or even an absent mother. Someone who is struggling with their Faith, someone who needs Faith. Most of all, just let God touch you in some way with this book.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What website do you spend the most time on?

Probably facebook. But outside of that, it's definitely and the forums there.

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Scott Hamilton has surgery.

1984 Olympic Mens Figure Skating Champion Scott Hamilton tweeted from a hospital room today to inform family, friends and fans that he was on his way to ridding his body - finally - of the benign brain tumor that was discovered over five years ago. When it was first discovered, Hamilton had been in remision from testicular cancer and was getting ready to celebrate his final check up when doctors found a mass in his brain. More researched proved it benign, but it was affecting Hamilon's vision and other issues soon arose. Hamilton had tried several treatments to shrink the tumor over the years, but it seems it was finally time for doctors to physically remove it.

Hamilton filmed a recent Biography segement where cameras followed him around as he attempted a short lived comeback to figure skating this season. During the hour long broadcast, Scott shared that his love/desire to skate had been dwindling towards the end of his career and doctors had explained to him that it was probably due to the pressue that the tumor was putting on some of the nerves of the brain. Further in the interview it was revealed that doctors believed Hamilton's tumor had been there since his early childhood and could be the most likely cause for his stunted growth. Skating as much as he did in childhood and adulthood kept the tumor's growth at a snails pace, but as he slowed down with the sport, the growth spread.

Hamilton's twitter page was full of well wishes, as well as an announcement/thank you. Hopefully Scott and his family can keep those of us praying for him at home updated.

See Scott's twitter page by clicking here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nagasu snaps back at message board post!

Golden Skate Forum members were surprised and amused this evening when Mirai Nagasu reportedly responded to a member's post stating that her music choices were not mature enough. Nagasu fired back on her Twitter account seemingly trying to prove that her choice were in fact more adult.

This brought up a side of humor from the poster who found the twittering, as well as other members who are avid fans of the skater and the message board in question. It also brought up the fact that skaters are not immune to what is said by the general internet public.

So just where do message boards stand in the world of figure skating. Most fans argue that skaters should understand they are in the public eye and so that anything goes on a board. Being as how I have known skaters, I can see both sides. Yes they are considered celebrities, but to tear someone down just because they have that title seems petty.

In the case of Nagasu vs "Goldenskate lady" the case was just misunderstanding. A fan was wishing for something different than what is to be had. Still, it's understandable that Mirai would be upset that not everyone is jumping on the music selection bandwagon. No doubt she will showcase her talent no matter the music. And the fans, including Goldenskate Lady, will be cheering her on every step of the way.

To view the post that started it all, click here.
To view Mirai's response, click here.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wildride Sled Dog Rodeo 2010

It's been requested that I share a little bit on how Wildride is going this year. Please be aware that I am not as in the loop now that I am merely a 'relief' employee, but I can say that it seems to still be following the usual pattern, weekdays are lean, Thursday through Sunday are heavier crowds.

This year they are doing only one show a night, up to two dinners (one before teh show, one after) a night, and Kennel tours doing the day. I don't know much about the Kennel tours, but I think if you're wanting one on one time with the dogs and the mushers that's the best bet, but I would not skip out on the show if at all possible.

I've also tasted the goodies on the menu and I have to say it's pretty good grub. The beef is killer, the chicken is standard, the veggies are crisp and fresh and I'm assured that it's all cooked in a healthy manner. I say who cares about that last part, but it's been pretty much emphasised by our chef that that's the way to go! ha ha!

We have a litter of six pups, five boys and a girl, and they are the sweetest, gentlest pups I've ever seen with this group. That being said they are fiesty with each other. The girl keeps the boys in line, that is for sure!

Show is going well, with Jen due any day now she's not in it this year, and Dallas is preparing to be MIA for a while when the baby actually comes, so we're testing out a semi new cast. But the script is the standard fare with a few slight changes to the cues, but the music is all the same.

This show is still a definite must do for travellers and Alaskans alike and I hope to see a few of our regulars while I'm working!

Now, some pics! (click to enlarge)

And a video or two:

Movie Review: Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 3

The toys that started it all are back in the final chapter of their wild ride. Their owner Andy is all grown up and packing up for college and the core gang is all that's left of the young man's childhood. Memories, photographs must all be packed up and stored in the attic, donated, or thrown away. But what of Woody, Buzz and the rest? This is the question that we're faced with in the beginning moments of Toy Story 3.

Pixar does not disappoint in the third and final installment of the Toy Story series. They were hoping to only have two films, but it was thanks in large part to their original contract with Disney and the threat that if Pixar didn't do it, Disney would, that brought about a long wait for fans to have what we've all been waiting for. The wait was worth it.

Woody and the gang are faced with the cruel fact that all toys must go through: children grow up and move on from their playthings. Over the years the band of toys shrank as they were tossed away, sold, or donated. Even Woody's girl, Bo Peep, has moved on to a new home. All that remains are the classic characters that we've come to know and love (oddly enough the three green aliens were kept). Their one hope to all stay together is if Andy decides to store them in the attic and they will one day again be played with (the hope is that Andy will have children and they will be brought out when that time comes). But, in classic Toy Story style, Mom mistakes the bag of toys (minus Woody, whom Andy has decided to take to college) as a bag of Trash and puts them on the side of the road for pick up. Seeing this, Woody goes to save the day. The toys, after rescuing themselves, believe Andy to no longer care.

The toys run for the box being donated to the daycare, and so begins their adventure. They meet several new characters: Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton) whom we're never quite sure if he's straight, gay... or bisexual. Pixar does its best to keep it family friendly and Ken is definitely attracted to Barbie (and in the end she stays with him), but he's definitely a METROsexual. Basically think Ryan Seacrest as a Ken doll. We also meet Lotso, another toy from the 80s, who is plush and loveable and smells like strawberries... but don't let his exterior fool you. He may seem all soft and cuddly, but deep down he's a heartless and evil mastermind. Think Stinky Pete (Toy Story 2 voiced by Kelsey Grammer) but softer.

[spoilers ahead: highlight to read]

After some hilarity ensues during their escape - Woody, upon entering the daycare, leaves via a kid at the daycare taking him to her house where he relives a few moments of his time with Andy and finds out via another toy that Lotso isn't so loveable and goes to rescue the rest of "Andy's Toys" and vows to take them all back and live in the attic - the toys eventually make it home. Though first they find out the horrors of the garbage dump and nearly are destroyed in a gut wrenching heart in your throught moment. They are reunited with Andy who is still bent on taking Woody to college and leaving the rest in the attic. In the final moments before the box is taken upstairs to be stored, Woody grabs a sharpie and a sticky pad and writes a note ("from mom") to Andy that says he should donate the toys (it's later implied that the note gives him Bonnie's name and address). Andy struggles in the decision as he drives the toys to their new home.

Upon meeting Bonnie he introduces her to the new toys, telling her they meant a lot to him growing up and that she has to promise to always love and take care of them for him and to keep them together. If you don't tear up in this moment of the movie, well, I can't say what exactly that means, but tears were streaming down my face for the rest of the movie. He introduces each toy one by one, and finds Woody at the very bottom. Bonnie recognizes Woody and begins quoting the different sayings that come when you pull Woody's string. Andy once again struggles with letting go, but finally comes to terms that Woody needs to be played with and not just sit on a shelf. He speaks of Woody like an old friend in a hearttouching, tearjerking moment. And then, one last time, he plays with the toys with Bonnie before driving off to start his new life. Woody and the gang watch after him and Woody wishes him a fond farewell (I'm choking up as I write this. It is THAT much of a moment.)

This is a perfect send off to a series of characters that forever changed animated film. To be honest, I do not believe we'd even have the likes of Shrek without first Pixar making a market for this type of film medium with Toy Story. Toy Story is 3d animation's version of Snow White - yes, in a way it'd been done before, but Toy Story made it "okay" to do so and it reached all movie goers, not a select few. The final scene in Toy Story 3, I believe, is a message to those of us who have grown up with the classic Pixar films. It's okay that we've moved on to other things, it's part of life, but we will always have the memories to come back to. We can all still remember watching in the theaters and seeing the toys come to life for the first time. Now we share them with our neices, nephews, young cousins, and kids. It's a new era, and it's time to let go. (Of course, if you're like me, you are also of the Peter Pan mindset so that whole idea is a foreign concept as you will never be "too old" for Toy Story).

All in all, if you don't see this in theaters you will miss out. I paid the extra money and saw it in the new IMAX theater here in town, but you don't need the magic of 3D to appreciate the film. The story - like classic Disney films - is what makes the movie more than just another animated film.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

BIKING to Disney World?

And you thought Erin and my road trip from Seattle down I-5 and across I-40 is a crazy idea. What about this could that's biking to Walt Disney World? What a fantastic idea! I think that should be the next way Erin and I make the trip (could you imagine us doing that? I think we really would kill each other).

Follow their blog, it's an amazing one (I think, anyway).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Evan Lysacek attends Toy Story 3 Premier

With all of the talk about the Grand Prix 2010-2011 season assignments being announced, and the surprise at some of the names on the list and others left off, it's easy to forget to watch the last cycle's big names and what they may or may not be up to.

Johnny Weir made the Grand Prix assignment list, how he will be able to fit it in with all of his hollywood events remains to be seen, but where was his main rival Evan Lysacek? Apparently Lysacek is also still enjoying the glitz and glam being a newly crowned Olympic Champion brings. After his second place finish on Dancing with the Stars and the end of the Stars on Ice touring season, Evan's been pretty quiet.

Until this evening when he tweeted that he was currently waiting for Toy Story 3 to begin. That's right, while Johnny Weir is weirding it up on many red carpets, Evan is walking a Pixar red carpet to see the world premier of the long overdue Toy Story 3.

Just thought you might want to know what the other MIA American skater is up to. Maybe the movie and music will inspire him and he will jump in the rink again. Evan Lysacek skating as Buzz Lightyear to World gold, hmmm. It could be done.

Speilberg and Dreamworks team with Disney for next film!

It was reported last month - and we somehow missed it here! - that Spielberg has announced his latest project, and it's not the anticipated Lincoln biopic. No, Steven Spielberg's next director's chair will be on the set of Disney's War Horse slated to enter theaters August 2011.

The film is based on a book by Michael Morpurgo and is set during World War 1. This will be somewhat a new subject for Spielberg as he is most known for his World War 2 films (Schindler's List & Saving Private Ryan) both of which won him the Oscar award for best Director. The book is a Children's novel, and was runner up for the Whitbread award in 1982.

The story and horrors of war is seen from a horse's perspective, and has - according to the summary provided by - a strong anti-war message (the horse can understand all languages apparently). If the film rings true with the book - and why wouldn't it, at least in part? - then we can be sure to feel our heartstrings be pulled in classic Spielbergian fashion with the horse's former owner's emotions as he sees his father sell his beloved pony to the army, only to have him captured by the German's, and then finally reunite only to have him wounded.

What is most interesting, though, is that it appears that Disney and Dreamworks are working together on this project. Dreamworks was founded by Spielberg along with David Gaffen and Jeffery Kotzenberg (who had a falling out with Disney) after Schindler's List was released in 1994. DreamWorks Animation has been Disney's main rival in the last 15 years or so, so it become a bit of a surprise to see them working together on the project.

Still, so long as Spielberg keeps his focus and follow through with the project, War Horse is going to - no doubt - be a fantastic movie. It will be interesting to see, in the coming months, how all of these key elements work with each other. Casting has already started, and some picks have been announced.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wonderful World Of Color

Disney Parks unveiled their latest nighttime spectacular this week with the Disneyland's California Adventure Park's "World of Color" inspired by the popular primetime television show Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. Just finished watching the video above, and I cannot wait to see it come February. If there's anything to be negative about, I feel that there's too much Pixar and I'm not sure why they put the Pirates movies in there. It seems out of place from the theme. But it is a big seller, and saved face (as did Pixar) for Disney in the 00s.

This is a much better new addition, in my opinion, than the talking Mickey Mouse from a few weeks ago.

Weird resemblances...

While working to get my figure skating tapes transferred to DVD (I have a lot of hours of coverage I am happy to say) I keep coming back to how weird/spooky it is that I've finding similiarities in some of my favorite figure skaters with some of the Iditarod dog mushers.

Now, mind you, I wouldn't take this entirely seriously, as I'm a little bit weird to begin with. But just hear me out and maybe you can reassure me that I'm not as crazy as I seem.

The first ones I've paired are 1992 Olympic Mens Figure Skating Champion Viktor Petrenko and four-time Iditarod Champion Martin Buser. Both would probably with the Mr. Congeniality awards for their sport. They're fun loving guys who may not be the best looking but they are so adorable with personality that you can't help but fall in love with them. They are serious about their sport, but also serious about having fun within it. Petrenko is dedicated to get people to laugh and smile these days as he skates in shows as a professional (when not coaching) and Buser is known for caring for his dogs and making sure that every mile of the Iditarod trail is a fun one.

Martin is one of my favorite mushers though I typically have other mushers I cheer for more. He is not a native Alaskan, but we've adopted him as one of our own. Definitely one of the most loved champions of the last great race on Earth even if he hasn't kept up with the pack in the most recent years. He runs Happy Trails Kennel out of his home in the Big Lake area, and continues to be a champion for the sport. Watch a video of Martin here.

Petrenko has always been one of the skaters who I've found to be entertaining, whether he's skating to the Twist in some really outlandish costume, trying to be the Ukraine version of Michael Jackson, or skating with a doll strapped to his front doing the Mambo #5, he's always in it for the fans. A great champion (he was the main rival of my all time favorite skater back in the day, though Kurt saw more success at Worlds and as a professional). Watch a video of Viktor here.

Most recently, while working at Wildride, I have noticed a similiarity between Iditarod musher Dallas Seavey and US Figure Skater Ryan Bradley. Both men are entertaining, so much so that they're more known - I think - for that than their athletic accomplishments. Seavey is a third generation Iditarod musher who has just recently becoming incredibly competitive within the sport (he beat his dad, 2004 Iditarod Champion Mitch Seavey, for the first time in the 2010 Iditarod!), and it was only the last three years that Ryan Bradley became a contender on the national and international scene (he is most likely retiring from competition). However, they both have been hyped as the next big thing, and they both get a lot of attention from the opposite gender. ha ha.

Dallas Seavey is one of the most fun people I know. He's very passionate about what he does, and he loves to have a good time. He's a great friend to all, and is very 'giving' to his fans (or guests of his show). He's his own musher, not just a shadow of his dad or grandfather in style. He's personable and I think it's his personality that not only sells people on the show but on the sport of mushing. Watching him interact with the tourists and locals alike that come to our show is a sight. Watch a video of him with his dogs here.

I met Ryan Bradley, briefly, in 2008 at the US figure skating national Championships and I was instantly drawn to how genuine he seemed with his fans. He doesn't just treat them like outsiders, he engages them as if they were every day friends. He LOVES to put on a show on the ice, and has been considered one of the best things for skating in a long time. In the years of the code of points where it's all about numbers, and so few really take the time to be creative, Bradley stands alone with his programs (though Takahashi comes close, he's still mathmatical in the process). His presense will most definitely be missed if this does turn out to be his retirement year. Watch a video of his 2010 Long Program.

Belbin & Agosto turn Professional

The five time US Ice Dance champions who are touted as the team that changed the course of the sport for America, Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto, announced this week that they are retiring from the Amateur competitive circuit. The team's meteoric rise to the top of both national and international podiums turned the heads of many with their clever choreography as well as their youthful expression. They claimed Olympic silver during the 2006 Turin Games, and barely missed the podium in Vancouver.

The duo paired up in 1998 and began seeing early success in the junior ranks, which led to a lot of hope and hype following their jump to the senior level. Much ado was made, and they quickly saw positive returns, in just their first year they came second to the more mature and more polished Lang & Tchernychev. The next few years made for an exciting national competition with Belbin and Agosto continuing to close the gap. They easily took US Skating to the next level after taking their first senior title in 2004. They were also seeing a great amount of success in international competition, knocking down doors and barriers many believe could never be penetrated by a young North American team.

The team is now looking at professional pursuits. After spending the spring touring with Stars On Ice and a subsequent break from the ice, they announced on Thursday that they were ready for the next phase of a skater's life. Tours are in their future - no doubt they will be fixtures in Stars On Ice for some time to come - and with talk of Scott Hamilton bringing back the professional competitive circuit there are likely to be many opportunities for Tanith and Ben to continue to expand and grow with their skating.

They state on their website: "After 12 incredible years skating together, we have decided to announce our retirement from competition. We have accomplished and surpassed so many of our goals, from participating in two Olympic Games to pushing ourselves and developing our skills in this sport we love so much. With that, we feel we can move on from our competitive careers without regret. May our fans rest assured, we plan to continue skating together in the professional ranks for years to come."

US Ice Dance is now in the capable hands of the reigning Olympic and World silver medalists of Meryl Davis & Charlie White, but it will surely miss the excitement and spunk of Tanith and Ben.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Continuing the Job Hunt

I just finished applying for a position with the Department of Health and Services: Public Assistance office in Kenai. The offices are in the same building as my dad's office (VA Clinic) so that would be cool. Plus I'd be back down home where more of my lifelong friends are. So I'm hopeful, but at the same time I am still looking for stuff here in Anchorage as well.

One thing that I would have to give up that I am not looking forward to if I were to move back to Kenai is giving up my job at Wildride. Even though it's already starting to drag me down (which is funny since I haven't really worked that much this summer) ha ha I will definitely miss it. I'd also not get to work as much with the Iditarod (probably would just go back to being a trail guard and nothing more). So there's a lot for me to consider.

In other news I walking down memory lane as I continue to put my skating tapes on DVD. Watching stuff from the 2002-2003 season at the moment. How I miss Jenny Kirk, Angela Nikodinov, Scott & Dulebohn and Orscher & Lucash... among others.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sale & Pelletier Call It Quits

After months of speculation and rumor, the truth is finally out: the love story is over, Jamie Sale & David Pelletier's marriage is at an end. The duo have been seperated for eighteen months, according to their statement to the press earlier this week, and the announcement seems to be no more than a formality. This was the first marriage for Sale, and Pelletier's second (his first ended in divorce and it was soon public knowledge that he had entered a relationship with Sale).

The partnership was magic on the ice, but at times rocky off. Depending on if you are team Sale or team Pelletier it seems the story changes as to who is the one most to blame. Still, the pair is splitting amicably enough that they will continue skating together as well as sharing custody of their son Jesse (born in 2007).

As a fan of this pair I am deeply saddened by the turn of events. Having had to endure the long wait for the rumors to be proved true or denied, on one hand I'm relieved, but I was hoping for a better outcome. Now rumors abound as to who strayed from the marriage and with what other skaters. I say leave them be! Who cares! Me, personally, I'm hoping that through skating together they rekindle something, for the sake of their family. I'm one of those diehard dreamers who believes the fairytale.

It's another reminder that the era is over, I suppose.

Photo (C) Associated Press, 2002.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Oh So Quiet

I have a few ideas for blog posts, with very little time to get them done, so as you can imagine it's been very quiet on here but that's not what I want it to be.

Work is going well, still hard at work for the US Census Bureau. I was off for a week due to a horrible head cold/sinus infection thing. Had no voice, can't man the phones if I can't talk. Went back - finally - this Tuesday. Missed out on all of the fun summer weather we've been having along with the Memorial Day Weekend festivities. I did a ton of scrapbooking and am almost done with the family trip to disney in 2007 album. After that I will begin working on the album for my trip with Erin in 2009.

Wildride opened on May 20th. I was there for opening. There are a few minor cast changes (to be expected as Jen Seavey is pregnant so she is not the host this year, and since Fridge past away at teh end of the season last year the lead dog training is back to square one and Kosher is barely where Fridge was when we brought the scene to the show in 2008.), but basically it's all the same. They've added kennel tours in place of the morning show. I haven't gotten to work much, and that's in part to the fact that they haven't had as much interest so far. Hopefully that picks up as the summer kicks it into high gear this month.

so that's all for now. Hopefully I will be more active on the blog soon.