Tuesday, December 4, 2012

30 Days of Carolling: Day 4

Christmas music you listen to when you're down

Normally if I'm in a funk at Christmas time it's because a lot of people are around and I don't do well with crowds - even family. They're loud, over dramatic, stressfilled... you get the picture... so I guess the best song for that would be ray stevens' "I Won't Be Home For Christmas".

Unfortunately youtube doesn't have this song, but trust me, it's a good one.

Since I couldn't find that one, here's another awesome song by ray for Christmas.

Monday, December 3, 2012

30 Days of Carolling: Day 3

Song you listen to when you're feeling good.

That would be Alan Jackson's "Santa's Comin' In A Pick Up Truck". It's so much fun, and a great childhood memory. It's the song that made me an Alan Jackson fan because he sang with the CHIPMUNKS! When you're a kid that's COOL! Ha ha! And with the way the weather's shaping up this year, it just might have to happen this way here in AK!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

30 Days of Carolling: Day 2

Least favorite Christmas Carol

Again I assume this is meaning any Christmas song. And that honor goes to Paul McCartney's "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time" - seriously the most annoying and stupid song I could think of. I LOVE Christmas music, and was worried I wouldn't be able to find one for this prompt, and then this song came on a commercial and I said "BINGO". It's just so dumb, uncreative... and the "music video" is just... yeah.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

30 Days of Carolling: Day 1

Favorite Carol of All Time

I'm assuming that this doesn't mean just the traditional, but I guess mine is one of those classic/tradition/old Christmas songs. O Holy Night is timeless and the perfect song to reflect on why many of us celebrate the Christmas season (as opposed to the many other holidays, or the commercial holiday season). So many famous singers have done this song, and done it well, but the one that I blast all throughout the year - not just the days leading up to Christmas - is Josh Groban's version. His voice is amazing, and for some reason just seems to be the *right* way for this song to be sung... I don't know what it is, really.

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WDW 2013: Bambi Themed Dinner

Main dish of Cheesey Chicken and Veggie Chowder.
Side dish of roasted stuffed red bliss potatos. yum!
I am once again fighting a sinus infection/cold. Third one this year that's laid me out flat. Not happy about it, but I at least fought through it to keep working and of course I made dinner for this week's movie. Now before you go all sick and twisted like my dad went with the theme, we did not have venison or rabbit (or skunk). Originally we were going to go straight up vegetarian, but whatever I suggested was vetoed by the othere members of the family, so we compromised and did another chicken dish (bird, bird, bird-bird-bird!).

Finding a menu with a woodsy theme that didn't just mimick Snow White's theme proved pretty impossible, so it wasn't as cohesive as I wanted, however the results were yummy - which I think is all anyone really cares about. So I went with comfort food (let's face it, Bambi is traumatic to the psyche). With the weather being as cold as it's been, and me being sick, a chowder was in order. I still wanted to go with the roasted veggies, though, so I made a stuffed roasted potato dish as well. Dessert was a cop out as I just had no energy to be creative, so we went with a box mix Angel Food cake. I should've still found something green and leafy to go with my favorite line of the movie, though:
"Eating greens is a special treat, it grows long ears and great big feet... but it sure is awful stuff to eat! I made that last part up myself." - Thumper

I'm still learning how to pace myself as far as what and when to start so that the meal comes together at the same time. I got closer with this one, but the chowder needed to be stirred almost cosntantly so that the cheese didn't burn to the bottom. Mom came and helped me out a bit - mainly because I was moving in slow motion as doing anything while I have this cold seems to wear me out in just a few minutes, and this meal took an hour total. Probably couldn've gotten in done a little quicker if I'd managed my time better, but it is what it is. The recipe, though is enough to feed a small army - we have lots left over even after we all had seconds - and I had to switch to a bigger pot than what I started out with. We should have halfed the recipe, but after last week we wanted to make sure we had enough!

Stuffed potatoes were a hit with the family.
With the chowder safely taken care of I worked on the potatoes. I boiled them but they weren't soft enough in some people's opinions so they threw them into the micro. They were too soft after that which made it difficult to scoop them out correctly, but I did it well enough that I had enough potato to mix with the other ingredients. My family loved them, but I was not a fan of the thyme - just don't like a lot of that - and so I let dad eat my portion!

Dinner was finished while the football was still going (what a game, right?!), so we ended up finishing eating before the movie started. I haven't actually watched Bambi in years, it's just so sad!, however I was able to remember many of the lines - enough that it annoyed my mother when I began quoting what would be said or done next. Oops.

Dad didn't last very long into the movie before he headed into the kitchen for dessert. He loves Angel Food cake. You ask him what he wants for his bday and this is what he begs for. So when he found out it was Angel Food for dessert he was a happy camper. It's no wonder he sped through dinner, ha ha! I made mini cakes, or tried to, using mom's mini bundt cakes. I must have put a bit too much in teh cups, though, because they baked up and over by a lot, but it worked out because they look like mushrooms you'd find in the woods! So I'm making a claim that I planned it that way!

The "mushrooms" before the "snow".
The "mushrooms" looked good covered in "snow" (whipped cream) which also fit the theme of Bambi. Except it's the winter scenes that are sad, we all know what comes with the snow in that movie. Thankfully I could blame the tears on my sinuses being hyperactive.

We have tons of leftovers, anyone want some? Next week we have Cinderella, and I'm still debating if I do a breakfast for dinner or go with a menu that follows "Cinderella's royal palace" there at Walt Disney World. Any ideas?

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