Sunday, February 28, 2021

2021 Iditarod Top Ten

The 2021 race will be one like no other when it comes to Iditarod. For the first time since the 1967 inaugural run, the race will not go to Nome. Unlike the '67 experiment, teams are still running well over 800 miles. Like that race, it will have few "modern conveniences" and a whole lot of camping. The '67 run was not the Iditarod Sled Dog Race we know today, but it did give Joe Redington Sr enough proof (for him) that a race like the one we know today was possible. 

2020 seems like a year of impossible. The world shut down while facing the global pandemic. The US dealt with a tumultuous political season. 2021 seems to be the sequel as the world deals with the fallout. The drama of the global pandemic started in earnest while teams ran to Nome last March, the world vastly different for the mushers coming off the trail than when they started their journey. That continues with a race unfamiliar to them all, with "bubbles" and mitigation plans. 

Even with the changes, 47 teams are set to leave Sunday, March 7, from Deshka Landing in Willow, Alaska. With the Covid-19 pandemic still in full swing the race opted not to hold the traditional Ceremonial Start in Anchorage (a first. Even in no snow years they managed to run teams through the city.) So the "restart" is now THE start. The race has asked spectators stay away to protect the integrity of "the bubble" to keep risk of infecting communities off the road system to a minimum. 

The big news is who isn't running the race: 4-time Champ Jeff King is choosing to create a new qualifying race to take place during the big one called the Ididn'trod, 4-time Lance Mackey is working on recovery and sobriety while also grieving the loss of his partner and mother of his two children, and 3-time Champ Mitch Seavey announced during last year's race that he wouldn't run in 2021 (but it's not retirement). 

Even with some "big names" missing from the roster, the race has a strong list of contenders for the top spot (and the top 10). Let's take a quick look at who has the best chance to take top billing.

Aaron Burmeister - Aaron's had a good last few seasons of racing. His teams have looked strong in this year's mid-distance races. As a long time contender in the Iditarod, it'd be wrong not to put him on the list. Aaron came in 5th last year, and while the teams aren't running to his beloved home town of Nome, he's very familiar with the Iditarod trail and this "gold-trail loop" shouldn't throw him off his groove. With this year being one of new strategy it's anyone's guess what any team will do, but don't expect Aaron to shoot out of the gate, he's one of those that use the tried and true method of "building the monster". Aaron will run with Bib Number 36. You can find him online via Facebook and his Iditarod Bio

Aliy Zirkle - Oh, Aliy. The 50 year old Queen of Dog Mushing announced earlier this year that the 2021 Iditarod will be her final one. Fans of the sport and of the musher have been in a state of mourning ever since (as if 2020/21 haven't taken enough from us?!). Aliy has spent 20+ years of her life working hard to WIN this race. The 2000 Yukon Quest Champion has come oh so close several times (often coming second to one of those pesky Seaveys). While this may be her "swan song" do not expect another 18th place finish like last year. She's got one last shot at taking this title and Aliy is still VERY hungry for that win. While we don't want to lose her to retirement, we do wish her one heck of a final ride. No matter what happens in this race, Aliy is champion in the hearts and minds of many and will go down as one of the Iditarod Legends. Aliy will run with Bib Number 32. You can find her online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her Iditarod Bio.

Brent Sass - The three-time Yukon Quest champion managed a 4th place finish in last year's Iditarod after taking time off from the race to refocus. Sass had to take time off this season and not run the races he signed up for due to injury as well as some "things needing attention at home." Brent has the goods to take the tile, but with injury and other setbacks it's unknown what sort of shape his dogs are in (he has maintained that that dogs are ready to go and he's been the weak link this year). Still, Sass has been vocal in saying Iditarod is the focus this year (he did not run the Summit Quest for this reason). Brent will run with Bib Number 21. He can be found online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and his Iditarod Bio

Dallas Seavey - The last time we saw Dallas race the Iditarod was 2017. He came in second in that race (behind his dad) in a hard fought race. Then news broke later that year that Dallas' dogs had somehow been given a drug during (or right after finishing) the race and all Hell broke loose. Dallas sat out 2018 in protest and raced in Norway. He liked it so much he went back in 2019. Dallas's personal life also took a detour and so 2020 he once again sat on the sidelines. With his dad, Mitch, announcing that he was sitting 2021 out, that became the perfect time for Dallas to "borrow" some of his dad's best dogs to combine with his best to create a "Super-team". There's no doubt that Dallas will be one of the front runners (Mitch came in 2nd with many of the dogs on Dallas's team). Expect Dallas to play the patience game to its fullest. Dallas will run with Bib Number 23. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and his Iditarod Bio.

Jessie Royer - Jessie nearly had it last year, she owned the first half of the race and many felt she just let up on the brake a hair too soon. Jessie takes every year as a learning year and improves upon the experience. She's unflappable, having caught her sled on fire last year and just laughed it off when retelling it to the media - even while showing off the singed parts of her sled. Often overshadowed by Zirkle, Royer has quietly climbed to "third in the World" (...or...well... Iditarod). Expect her to ride that momentum this year. The real test will be if her team can do two rounds of the Alaska range. Jessie will run with Bib Number 24. You can find her online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and her Iditarod Bio.

Joar Leifseth Ulsom - The newlywed 2018 Iditarod Champion managed a 6th place finish in 2020 and should sit well for another top 10 finish in this year's race. In fact, Joar has never placed lower than 7th since entering the world of Iditarod in 2013. From a Fantasy Mushing standpoint, he's an anchor type musher to choose. He's yet to have a scratch or have an actual loss to his name. Joar's team should be well prepared for the mountains times two trail this year. It will be interesting to see what sort of strategy he brings to this year's race. Joar will be running with Bib Number 41. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and his Iditarod Bio.

Nicolas Petit - To be honest I almost left Nic off the top ten. Petit has had a rough go of the Iditarod of late with scratches the last two years. When not scratching, however, he manages top ten finishes. Petit likes to start fast and hope to end fast, and often times he does. He is king of the mid-distance races with many wins under his belt, but he's not able to take that to the thousand miler. However, with this year cutting the mileage to around the mile marker where Petit's team has shown to have problems in a normal year, this could be Petit's best chance yet. Do not expect Nic to race the Iditarod any different to any other race he's run in the past. His team is built for speed. Nic will run with Bib Number 10 (in his 10th Iditarod, his team feels that's significant). You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Twitter, and his Iditarod Bio.

Paige Drobny - The Squid Acres musher finished 7th in both the 2019 and 2020 Iditarods. Paige has done well in mid-distance races and, like Jessie Royer, has had a steady climb in the ranks. I didn't add her to my top 10 last year (I did give her an honorable mention, though!) and that was a mistake. I expect her to have another solid run, and would not be surprised if she places higher than last year. Paige will be running with Bib Number 42. You can find her online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and her Iditarod Bio.

Peter Kaiser - The 2019 Iditarod Champion had a rough race last year coming in 14th, but they said defending your title is always difficult. Kaiser came in second at the Kusko this year, coming in after his best friend and competitor Richie Diehl. Pete is well liked by fans, and no doubt deserves to be in the top ten. With having dogs from the West Coast of Alaska, it will be interesting to see how they handle a trail that's mainly in South Central and mid-Yukon River. Temps are typically warmer (and less windy) for much of the portion of trail teams will run on this year, the Sea Ice section of the traditional trail is usually the "true test" of endurance for the teams. With no race to the coast it's anyone's guess how teams will shake out. Don't count Pete out. He's really come into his own with his training program and I expect him to play a key part in this year's race. Pete will be running with Bib Number 3. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his Iditarod Bio.

Richie Diehl - The 2021 Kuskokwim Champion beat out a very competitive field that hosted many top Iditarod teams this past month. Diehl also hails from the West Coast of Alaska and is best friends with Pete Kaiser. In interviews after the Kusko both Kaiser and Diehl admitted that they trade information/ideas/advice with each other. Their dogs are linked in their breeding programs. While each kennel is definitely their own beast, the friendly competition between friends has only helped both teams become tops in their field. Richie scratched from last year's Iditarod, but that just could spur his team on to fight for redemption. Richie will be running with Bib Number 6. You can find him online via Facebook and his Iditarod Bio.

The field is tight, and so - while I do call this a top 10 - I have a few "honorable mentions" again this year. I found every time I tried to pare down my list to ten I ended up adding another name instead of subtracting one. Honestly I think the race continues to get more competitive each year in ways I don't remember it being when I was growing up. This is a DEEP field filled with a lot of "young" mushers. More women are at the top of their game. It's an exciting time in sled dog racing. 

Matt Hall - The 2017 Yukon Quest Champion took last year off from the Iditarod as a rebuilding year with his team. Feeling his team was full of too many inexperienced pups, he took a year to just give them a fun stress free season to get some miles under them. Hall finished 6th in 2019 in just his second Iditarod. 2021 will be his third Iditarod. He could be a major dark horse and spoiler in this year's race. Matt will be running with Bib Number 17. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and his Iditarod Bio.

Matthew Failor - Failor was one of three teams that got caught in crazy overflow on the coast of the Iditarod trail last year forcing him to scratch after his sled got stuck and they couldn't get it unstuck (dogs were fine). The 2019 Kusko champion is a solid top 20 finisher in Iditarod, but it won't be long before he cracks the top 10. Matthew will be running with Bib Number 29. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and his Iditarod Bio.

Michelle Phillips
- Michelle was another team last year that fell out of the top 10 after many predicted she could break top 5. Phillips has been MIA with most of the mid-distance races this year, and it was uncertain she would even keep her name on the roster for Iditarod considering the issues with traveling from Canada to Alaska, but as of February 26 she was still on the roster and received a Bib Number. With her experience on the Quest for years she should have no problem scaling mountains during this year's "gold-trail loop". She could be a spoiler for the top 10 easily. Michelle will run with Bib Number 26. You can find her online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and her Iditarod Bio.

Mille Porsild - The 2020 Rookie of the Year is the true dark horse of the 2021 race. Mille is a highly skilled and experienced musher and her 15th place finish in her rookie year in an extremely difficult race. While many fans only knew her as the PR person for Joar's social media - taking amazing photos and weaving beautiful stories filled with mushing history - Mille was a well established musher in her own right and it's wonderful to see her make her mark on the Last Great Race. Mille will be running with Bib Number 28. You can find her online via Website, Facebook, and her Iditarod Bio.

Ramey Smyth - Ramey comes from a mushing family, with his parents being members of the "Iditarod Trailbreakers" being firsts in the race. His father Bud ran in the first Iditarod and his mother Lolly was one of the first women to run in the 2nd Iditarod. Ramey is known for his fast speeds in the final leg of the race. He can really move up in the standings and is always a threat for a top placement. Ramey will be running with Bib Number 9. You can find him online via Facebook and his Iditarod Bio.

Travis Beals - Travis was 10th in last year's Iditarod and seems to be on an upswing. Beals took it easy this season with few races on his schedule, so it's hard to know just how his team is going to be, but don't count them out. Travis and team are a solid bet to do well in the Last Great Race. The long time musher knows what he needs to do to stay in the running, and continues to improve. Travis will be running with Bib Number 33. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his Iditarod Bio.

Wade Marrs - New dad Wade Marrs is another musher who is always *right there* on the cusp of the top 10. Marrs and team came in 12th last year, so it's possible that he could crack the top ten this go around. It will come down to how well he can adapt and be prepared for a race that loops back around to where they've been instead of heading towards Nome. Like all of the other teams, he's no doubt thought long and hard about the new challenges a race like this year's Iditarod will be. Keep an eye on him. Wade will run with Bib Number 25. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram (look for his super huge puppy STITCH), and his Iditarod Bio.

This year's race is shaping up to be all sorts of dramatic and interesting. With champions returning, other champions missing, and the Champion of Hearts retiring after one last go I personally expect to be very emotional throughout this race. It's another one for the history books.

Who are you cheering for in this year's race? Who do you think will win it all? Thoughts? Comment below!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Meet your 2021 Iditarod Rookies

Sean Williams at the Re-Start of
Iditarod 48. March 8, 2020.
Williams is returning as a rookie
in 2021 due to not finishing last year.
With the start of Iditarod 49 just a week away, the last minute jitters are hitting all mushers but probably most within the 12 mushers hitting the trail in their rookie runs. While some of the mushers have taken the trail before, they've yet to complete the race, and as always there are many who are first year rookies. 

The twelve rookies consist of "puppy" teams from established kennels as well as rookies running teams of their own dogs from their own kennel. Some have a lot of miles and experience under their belt, others are fairly new to the scene. They all have their goals, their reasons, for running. Even with the trail changes (there's no crossing under the burled arch in Nome this year) the rookies are excited to run and get that belt buckle.

So just who are the Class of 2021? Let's take a few minutes and get a glimpse into who are setting off to make their dream come true. (And, just maybe, this will help you pick a rookie or two to round out your Iditarod Fantasy Mushing Team.)

Brenda Mackey - That last name looks familiar, doesn't it? Brenda is no rookie to mushing. Her dad won the Iditarod back in the 80s, her grandfather won before that (in that split second finish), and of course her uncle is the legendary 4-time consecutive champion. Her personal pedigree goes as far back as her sled dogs to the founding fathers of long-distance mushing. Brenda and her Husband have run a successful kennel for many years and it's very exciting to see the first female Mackey in this year's race. Having no idea of her game plan, I'd expect her to be a front runner at the very least for Rookie of the Year. Brenda will run with Bib Number 15 (if it'd been #13 we could just call the race her's now... so close). You can find her online via her Website, Facebook, and Instagram. She also has one of the best written Iditarod Bio of any team. 

Chad Stoddard - Another Mackey connection, Chad was once a handler for Champion Lance Mackey. Chad has compiled a team with dogs of his own as well as - I believe - a few from kennels he is associated with. Make no mistake he is not running a "puppy team" in the sense that he's running another musher's second string. Expect Chad to stay relatively steady within the middle of the pack. Chad is running with Bib Number 18. You can find him online via Facebook and Instagram. There is a GoFundMe page set up to help with expenses, and you can see his mushing pedigree via his Iditarod Bio

Christopher Parker - Christopher was bit by the mushing bug about ten years ago. He's trained under and worked for several Iditarod kennels. He looks to be working with a team of dogs borrowed by several kennels mixed with his own. He will run with Bib Number 19. He is a man of few words on his Iditarod Bio, Facebook, and Instagram. He also has a GoFundMe set up to help offset race expenses. 

Dakota Schlosser - The sprint turned long distance musher is another team running with a team of dogs from their own kennel. Dakota finished his qualifiers last season, winning the Humanitarian Award (given for best dog care) in the Alpine 300. He also ran the Junior Iditarod twice as a kid coming in 4th place. He also builds custom sleds for many teams that race sled dogs. Dakota will most likely be running for Rookie of the Year in this year's Iditarod, so he's one to keep an eye on for sure. He will run with Bib Number 39. You can find him online via his Website, Facebook, Instagram, and of course his Iditarod Bio.  

Hal Hanson - While 3-time Iditarod Champion Mitch Seavey won't be running in the 49th Iditarod, his up-and-coming super star dogs will be under the steady hand of Hal Hanson. Hal has worked for Team Seavey for a number of years, and if you've visited their tours you've probably met him. Hal will no doubt be in his customary fur hat and beaver mittens (and I think he has a fur parka too?) - he's originally from Oklahoma so he gets cold (haha). Don't expect him to be racing for any awards, his goal is to finish with as many pups in harness all happy and ready to GO again. Hal will run with Bib Number 12. You can find Hal online via Facebook and his Iditarod Bio.

Jeremy Traska - Jeremy was a "kind of" late entry on the Iditarod roster. His wife, an Iditarod Veteran, had signed up but has had some "lingering health issues" that had her rethinking her entry in the 2021 race. With those concerns, and the promise of an interesting and different Iditarod, Shaynee swapped her entry for Jeremy (with Iditarod's blessing, of course) and so the dogs of Howling Ridge Kennel will once again run down the historic gold mining trails. Jeremy will run with Bib Number 5. You can find him online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Iditarod Bio.

Joanna Jagow - The main musher of the Motley Crew Kennel should be fun to follow with her positive outlook and her awesome sled dog names. Her kennel is made up of mostly dogs she's raised, but she does have a few dogs from other kennels in her Crew. Iditarod fans may recognize dog Banjo from Jeff King's Kennel. Banjo was part of King's team in 2017 and was injured when a snowmachine driven by a drunk driver drove through King's team at speed topping 110mph. Nash's littermate Nash passed away due to injuries, but Banjo made an amazing recovery. It's unsure if Banjo will be running with Joanna next week. Joanna will run with Bib Number 22. You can find her online via her Website, Facebook, Instagram, as well as her Iditarod Bio

Joshua McNeal - Owner/operator of Crooked Creek Kennel started his mushing career on the Kenai Peninsula before relocating his team further north in search of more consistent winter weather and snowy trails. Josh worked with Ken Anderson and his team in leading up to Anderson's final Iditarod, and now many of those dogs reside at Crooked Creek Kennel. There are a few other dogs from other kennels in the mix as well but they all call CCK home. It will be interesting to see how McNeal and team do in their rookie run. He could be a dark horse for Rookie of the Year. Joshua will run with Bib Number 30. You can find him online via his Website, Facebook, and Instagram. His Iditarod Bio is pretty much empty. 

Sean Underwood - You might remember this name from last year. Sean had always planned to run Iditarod in 2021, but just hours after Jeff King spoke at an event promoting the 2020 race he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and Sean had less than a week to prepare to take Jeff's A-team to Nome. Underwood made it so close to the finish but was one of three teams to get caught in crazy overflow and had to hit their SOS buttons to end their race. When he returned to civilization and back to Husky Homestead the future was unknown with Covid looming. Due to a very dismal tourist season in Alaska, King's kennel had to downsize its employees/crew and so Underwood found himself moving to Dallas Seavey's kennel and will be running Seavey's "puppy team" in this year's race. Sean will run with Bib Number 47. You can find him online via his Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Iditarod Bio.

Sean Williams - Probably the hardest musher to figure out what to think. He offers only a website for the company he works for in his Iditarod Bio (Alaskan Mushing Company) which I can only guess means he'll be running a puppy team for either Martin Buser or Matt Failor. Sean is running a "puppy team" for Martin Buser. Sean will run with Bib Number 35. You can find out about the touring company he works for online via Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Susannah Tuminelli - Running dogs from Kathleen Fredrick's kennel, "Cruisin Susan" will be running dogs she's helped raise and train over the last two years. An adventurer at heart, she traveled from her home on the East Coast to Montana to finally the wilds of Alaska. She should have a solid finish in the Iditarod. Susannah will run with Bib Number 31. You can find her online via Website, Facebook, Instagram and Iditarod Bio.

Will Troshynski - Owner and lead musher at ATAO kennel, Will is a former Jr. Iditarod musher from Martin Buser's kennel. After studying and learning from one of the sport's leaders in racing and dog care, Will has come full circle to running their own program. ATAO stands for “Adventure, Truth, Accountability, Onward” - which just so happens to be the kennel's philosophy. The very progressive and outspoken kennel could make news if they make it to the finish line as Will has the chance to be the first openly Trans musher to finish the Iditarod. Will is running with Bib Number 27. You can learn more about Will online via Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Iditarod Bio.

Which rookies are you cheering for? Who do you think will win Rookie of the Year? Will a rookie be the Red Lantern? Comment below with your thoughts.

Friday, February 26, 2021

2021 Iditarod Musher Roster

We did it! We made it! The Iditarod will take off from Deshka Landing next weekend. After a year of unknowns, we're back to Alaska premiere winter sporting event. This time last year the world was just beginning to understand the seriousness of Covid-19. By the time the Iditarod teams reached the Yukon the world was shutting down to anything resembling "normal", but the Iditarod continued on. The Iditarod was one of the last sports to play for months before bubbles and other mitigation plans could be put in place for athletes to come together again and give us some sort of distraction from an otherwise depressing situation.

We've relied heavily on sports - even folks who aren't "sports fans" found themselves waiting for a weekly football game this fall... I even tuned in (almost willingly) to Golf. It's been a rough year. We're coming up on the one year anniversary, and what better way to kick off that celebration than by a completely revamped Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The race has so many changes it's almost unrecognizable but for the dogs and the mushers running them. There will be no finish in Nome. There will be no Ceremonial Start in Anchorage (I'm still crying). No start at the Willow Community Center. No large crowds at the start or finish. No checkpoints inside villages. Teams are running to the ghost town of Iditarod before returning to Deshka Landing (with a short jaunt around "the Flat"). We get the happy river steps and Dalzel Gorge going and coming.

Mushers have returned after self imposed hiatus, others have declared this their last hurrah.

What's the same are the dogs, the men and women who train/coach/run them and the SPIRIT of the Last Great Race.

Let's take a look at the roster as it stands as of February 26, 2021. I've added links to their known websites/social media so that fans can get to know the 47 teams ahead of race day. As always, once bib numbers are announced (I hear they are being selected at random by computer today) I'll edit with the teams in bib order. Edited to add bib numbers. This is how the roster stands as of February 27, 2021. 

BibMusher NameStatusLinkLinkLinkLinkLink
2Aaron PeckVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
3Peter KaiserVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
4Kristy BeringtonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteInstagram
5Jeremy TraskaRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
6Richie DiehlVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
7Jeff DeeterVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
8Dennis KananowiczVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
9Ramey SmythVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
10Nicolas PetitVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookTwitter
11Gunnar JohnsonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookTwitter
12Hal HansonRookieIditarod BioFacebook
13Anna BeringtonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteInstagram
14Ryne OlsonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
15Brenda MackeyRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
16Riley DycheVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
17Matt HallVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
18Chad StoddardRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
19Christopher ParkerRookieIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
20Ryan RedingtonVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
21Brent SassVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
22Joanna JagowRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
23Dallas SeaveyVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
24Jessie RoyerVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
25Wade MarrsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
26Michelle PhillipsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
27Will TroshynskiRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
28Mille PorsildVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
29Matthew FailorVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
30Joshua McNealRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
31Susannah TuminelliRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
32Aliy ZirkleVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
33Travis BealsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
34Martin BuserVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
35Sean WilliamsRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
36Aaron BurmeisterVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
37Cody StratheVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
38Lev ShvartsVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebook
39Dakota SchlosserRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
40Dan KaduceVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
41Joar Leifseth UlsomVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
42Paige DrobnyVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
43Larry DaughertyVeteranIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
44Jessie HolmesVeteranIditarod BioFacebookInstagram
45Rick CasilloVeteranIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
46Cindy GalleaVeteranIditarod BioFacebook
47Sean UnderwoodRookieIditarod BioWebsiteFacebookInstagram
48Victoria HardwickVeteranIditarod BioFacebook

Are you ready? Who are you cheering for? Comment below with your hopes and predictions!