Thursday, April 26, 2012

Disney?!... AGAIN?!

Oh how every Disney Parks fanatic *loves* to hear the condescending tone when they have friends and family ask this question. We normally answer with an all too perky "Yes! Yes, I am!" or a sarcastic sigh with a short "mm, hmm." It's not like we're flying to the moon, or joining a convent - though you might argue for some Disney is their place of worship. It's amusing to think that people actually think we need to be reminded that there's "More than Disney."

We can all name people who go to Hawaii for just about every vacation, or Lake Tahoe, or Colorado to ski. Yet, while that does not get the "you're going again???" Disney always does. The answer is, simply, yes. The next series of questions and statements follow two themes "why" and expense.
So why is it that some folks and families are die hard disney park goers? The answer relies heavily on what you consider when you think vacation. Sure, expense is a big deal - there are several trips I would take over Disney if I had a bottomless budget to blow - but even before budgetting, what makes a vacation?
For many it's the family factor, what's the most family friendly vacation you can think of? If you asked my dad growing up it was camping in the woods. No distractions from neighbor kids, cable tv, or the original Nintendo. Camping is always considered cheap, but if you begin adding up the fuel it takes to get to the camp spot, the equipment, etc it adds up - the thing that makes it more affordable is how many times you can use the equipment.

Mom's idea of a vacation was wherever she could get away from the life drama that surrounds an everyday life, the housework, and be pampered. This could be a weekend with the ladies at the church or a week away with her sister. As long as she could laugh, and forget about the laundry dad was no doubt ruining while she was away, she was happy.

Me? Disney is my vacation destination of choice. I've converted my family - though they are content still with the cheaper options - by just showing them what I've found to get out of Disney. Yes, it can be crowded, and yes it can be expensive. Family meltdowns can, will and do happen. And, no, Disney is not for everyone.

There. I said it. Disney is not everyone's cup of tea.

Hawaii is not my idea of a good time. I don't swim, I don't like being too hot, and I don't do well with whatever is in the geological make up of volcanic rock (rare skin allergy). Yet so many suggest that if I just try it I'll love it. And maybe I will. But these same people balk at the idea of ever liking Disney. Fine. But don't judge my balking of your destination.

Disney is a place of nostalgia for me. I cannot remember a time where I didn't have disney movies playing constantly. My first movie in the theaters was Disney's Oliver & Company. My generation grew up during the rebirth of Disney's animated films. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King are still considered some of the best films the company has EVER produced.
We also grew up with the CGI company of Pixar. The story of Andy's Toys, who concluded their Feature Length films two years ago with the Third film, was in many ways our story. We basically grew up with Andy and Molly. So who wouldn't want to visit the toys of Andy's room, or go to Ant Island and meet up with Flik and the other bugs all the while looking up at Rafiki's Tree of Life?

When Walt Disney dreamed of his theme parks - originally Disneyland, but he was unhappy with the layout and thus Disney World was born - he thought of a park that would never become stale. That everyone could come and enjoy and get something out of it. Nostalgia, all the while promoting the new - be it a new Disney film, or some new technology. A place where mom and dad can watch their children gaze in wonder at their surroundings, and where other adults can become children again.

Walt wanted a place where everyone could go and just be. Become part of a story. Forget life realities and remember what's really important. Friends, family, yourself. I've been to the parks on my own, with my best friend, with my high school concert band, with different sets of my family. Each time memories were made. That joy is remembered long after the trip is over.

Yes, this same achievement happens everywhere, but for me - and many others - Disney is the happy place. Yes, there are other places that are cheaper, yes there are other places less crowded, but think of it this way: Perhaps the real reason we need the vacation is to get away from people that think like the naysayers. The "unbelievers"... as Peter Pan might say - the one's who went and grew up. The types that don't get Disney and never will are just one of the many reasons I run to get away at Disney. Disney is not negative. Good conquers evil. True love conquers all.

Everyone lives Happily Ever After.

I'll be going back to Disneyland - Walt's First Park - in just 99 days... and I cannot wait.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April!

Yes I know my theme is still sled dogs and snow and Iditarod. I love it too much to let it go just yet! Besides, I'm working for mushers again, so I'm still in that mindset... I guess? ha ha!

There's not much to report. Work is starting to make sense so I'm pretty happy. It's only going to get busier. Then I have two trips that I have flights paid for, but now I have to start thinking trip planning. Disneyland especially. Going with family, again, but I need to get them to nail down a few things so I can maybe work around meeting up with friends at somepoint. I have some online friends who want me to show off my photography skills while I'm down there and I am excited about that idea!

We do have bad news to report, though. Mom's dog Bo has compressed disks in his spine. For the next two weeks he's going to be doped up big time as we try to get the muscles to relax. Poor guy is really out of it. We're just thankful he isn't sick, but he won't get to rough house or go up and down stairs anymore. He's so frustrated right now because he wants to do things but he can't. Even if he was allowed to move around the drugs keep him so relaxed that he can't move LOL

So, in between work and scrapbooking I also need to start planning. Boy, oh, boy, hopefully I can blog about it all...