Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 Days of Television: Day 17

Favorite Miniseries

This really should come as no surprise as all last year (well from June through January of this year) I talked a lot about the Sons of Liberty miniseries that the History Channel created based on the events in Boston that led to the Continental Congress to declare their independence from Great Britain. (Wow that was a long run on sentence. Whoops!) It starred two of my favorite TV actors (Michael Raymond-James and Ryan Eggold), and it's about American history. I was stoked and counted down to the premiere (and was so sad when they moved it from December to January).

I was not disappointed. The miniseries - for what it was - was fantastic. It was NOT to be taken as an accurate portrayal of what happened, it was more to get people interested in finding out who these men were. It was a three night action packed adventure. It left little room to breathe through much of it. It made these stuffy looking portraits come to life. Sure, they made some of them younger and more agile than they were. Sure, they used rumor and innuendo to make the slow parts more interesting. Sure, Paul Revere wasn't in every major battle and political scene (he'd have to be in two or three places at once!). Doesn't matter, it was fun exciting and did exactly what History set out to do! People were talking, researching, and some even complained that they didn't stick closer to the actual history.

I came away with new appreciation for Ryan and Michael, and better still found several new favorite actors (serious Rafe Spall is amazing). For the most part I think all of the actors were type cast (a lot of character actors made up the cast) but at the same time each roll fit so well. Michael was basically a smart@$$ every night who got to kick major butt. Ryan Eggold was the tragic hero, while Rafe Spall was the um... eccentric one. Ben Barnes was the eye candy leading man...

You can read my reviews if you want to get a better idea of the series. But it's really good, and I am the proud owner of the series on BluRay. With the 4th of July coming up this weekend I plan on adding Sons of Liberty to the "must watch" list to gear up for the big day. Oh, and Canada got it right, their history channel will premiere the series on July 4th. VERY APPROPRIATE, neighbors, eh!

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