Thursday, June 25, 2015

Experiment 626: Stitch The Pug!!!

Life has been busy in the last 7 days or so. Work, life... and pugs.

That's right, I've added a black pug to the family. I named him Experiment 626 and we call him Stitch. Lilo & Stitch has always reminded me of pugs because pug puppies are pretty much identical to that crazy little alien. It all started when I was at the shelter to take photos of the new animals up for adoption. Stacie mentioned that one was a black pug - the one that had just come in the week prior when I was taking pictures.

He was the first one she brought out to get pictures and I was instantly in love. He was untrained with the leash, and wouldn't come for anything, but I loved him. How anyone could just let him run off and not go looking for him is beyond me. He was so funny!

I finished the photo work, came home and told mom about the little black pug with the bowed front legs and said I wanted him. She called dad and asked if he thought Sushi (their pug) would be okay with a playmate. Dad said send pictures. The rest is history.

He's been with us since Friday and he has settled right in. The first couple of days were rough as he didn't want to come to anyone, but the last couple he's snuggled right in on my lap or mom's. He had to have his manhood removed so he's had a lot of kennel time as he's young and doesn't understand "be still". But we've let him have the run of the house the last day or so and he's doing pretty well. No accidents!

He has had NO training that I can tell, so my work is cut out for me. But I LOVE this little boy big time. And he definitely lives up to his name!

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