Thursday, April 2, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 02

A show that you wish more people were watching

There aren't a lot of shows that I watch that aren't extremely popular. The ones that are obscure are typically ones that I find on Netflix after they're cancelled (you know, like Terriers). I also don't follow the ratings, so I don't know what shows I watch NEED more viewers to be sure they get renewed. However, that's not what the prompt is asking.

Just what show I wish more watched....

ABC's new show "Secrets and Lies" is one of the shows that fits Hollywood's new theme of "shows we've taken from other countries and just put our actors in them". This one comes from Austrailia and dang if it isn't good (in a lot of ways it's a lot like Fox's Gracepoint which was a knock off of the British show Bridgeport... NBC is also hoping to get in on the craze this fall with their "new" show Game of Silence which is based off a Turkish drama). We're six episodes into the 10 episode series. It's a mid-season series, so it's short and most likely won't see a second season. So get it while you can!

The story follows Ben Crawford (played by Ryan Phillippe) who we meet as he's running out of the woods panicked and calling for help. He's just found a young boy's body in the woods - turns out it's his neighbor's kid. Because he found the body the cops immediately focus their attention on Crawford. As he tries to clear his name and prove his innocence his and the neighborhood's secrets are revealed. Phillippe is surprisingly sympathetic in the lead role, and Juliette Lewis is an incredibly good antagonist in the cop pursuing him. I keep waiting for her to give a line like "we're not driving all the way out here just so you can buy one of those stupid ties with the Santa Clauses on it", but somehow I don't think she's going to be very Audrey Griswold in this role.

A quick glance at the wikipedia page for the show, shows that ratings aren't good. So, come on people, watch! I have no doubt it will finish out the 10 episodes, but I wouldn't mind a second season. I mean, if William Shatner can stand to watch it, can't you?

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