Friday, April 3, 2015

30 Days of Television - Day 03

Your favorite new show

If you follow me on twitter you know that The Flash is how I spend my Tuesday nights. I absolutely LOVE this show, and I was planning on hating it! I normally don't like spin offs (though Fraiser was much better than Cheers) and I wasn't truly sold on the cast. The only reason I watched the pilot at all was because Jesse Martin was cast as Barry Allen's "surrogate father" of sorts, and I LOVED him in Law & Order.

When the character of Barry Allen was introduced on Arrow, I absolutely LOVED him. Grant Gustin is so freaking adorable as the nerdy superhero. I was totally on board with Barry and Felicity hooking up (which didn't really happen and I'm still kinda upset about that), his chemistry with Stephen Amell (who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow) was also natural. It was hard not to hope good things for his show.

The pilot, I felt, was a little more awkward, and I wasn't quite sold on the show... until the scene where Barry visits his father. No one cries so convincingly as Grant Gustin. He breaks my heart EVERY WEEK. There is no one better suited to play the character - if ever there was perfect casting in a role, Grant is it. The dialogue is tongue in cheek, the characters sympathetic (though I'm still not sold on Ronnie or Caitlin), the stories interesting. With the time travel element it definitely keeps the viewer guessing/wondering.

The Flash has really found its rhythm after the Arrow-Flash crossover last fall, and is already set for a second season. The spin-off is an excellent one and I can't wait for the next episodes!

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