Thursday, June 25, 2015

30 Days of Television: Day 14

Favorite Male Character

I could list a ton of favorite Male Characters (Hawkeye Pearce, BJ Hunnicutt, Neal Cassidy, Captain Hook, Jefferson, Archie, Britt Pollack, Nick Stokes, Tom Keen, John Diggle, Tommy Merlyn, Barry Allen, the list goes on... and on...) and on any given day any one of those characters is my all time favorite character. It really all depends on my mood.

But consistently at the top of the list is Matthew Perry's character from FRIENDS, Chandler Bing. I identify so much with him. I mean in a lot of ways I am more a combination of Monica and Rachel (a control freak spoiled girl), but I feel more like Chandler (socially awkward, always with a sarcastic comment, and the more mature one of my bff duo). I've even been mistaken as gay, so... I mean. Could I BE more Chandler?! Maybe if I was a dude?!

For the ten seasons of Friends, we got to see Chandler mature from the dorky best friend into leading man material. He is the rock for Monica in later seasons - especially once they go through their journey to adopt. Perry went from loveable goofball to a serious actor in the later seasons - though it's evident he feels more comfortable in the comedic roles (he's currently starring in the tv remake of the Odd Couple as Oscar).

Over the years Erin and I both have felt that we are our own version of Joey (her) and Chandler (me). We have conversations so similar to what they did on the show ("I'm aware we're not gay puppets!"). Random adventures, road trips from Hell, we even did maps of Disney one year like Joey did of London ("oh what the hell is that?" "that's london baby!"). We use their catch phrases (though "London Baby" has turned into "Disney Baby!").

Chandler was a big part of my life in college. Sad, but true. I guess it's only fitting he be my favorite all time character.

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