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30 Days of OUAT - Day 12: Favorite Storybrooke Male Character

Day 12: Favorite Storybrooke Male Character

Dr. Archie Hopper. You almost don't need to go any further than that. I think he is such an under utilized character - though for good reason, the actor is in several projects these days it seems - especially since he was so important to the story in Season 1. He is more than just a cricket, or a shrink. He genuinely cares for Henry, and is probably the closest thing to a father figure the kid has consistently had. In any case, he's the best friend a boy could have - just ask Geppetto (or Marco).

When I first saw the Pilot episode Archie was the character I was most excited about, and it was because I actually recognized him. Ha ha. I've loved watching Raphael Sbarge on TV since his turn on The Guardian (CBS). To be able to see him as a classic fairytale character (with a great twist) has been so much fun. Though I did have trouble figuring out who he was until Henry told us - his dog Pongo threw me! Ha ha.

Archie is soft spoken and something of a pushover when we first meet him. He allows Regina to manipulate him into entrapping Emma by giving her his confidential files on Henry's therapy - then calls the Sheriff (RIP Graham) to report an assault and theft. He feels guilty and apologizes to Emma, but is still afraid to cross the Mayor - who also employs him to treat Henry. His bond with the boy in wanting to take care of him and help him clouds his judgement and he does whatever Regina wants so that he can stay in Henry's life. He thinks he's helping, and it takes Henry running away and getting caught in an abandoned mining tunnel for Archie to realize he owes the boy so much more.

With Sbarge on three shows, we've seen less of Archie this season. While the show as in Neverland it made sense as Archie didn't go with the heroes to that realm. However in the battle of Wicked vs Evil one wants more of Archie. He was seen briefly in the 3b opener, and then he was not used by Emma to keep Henry out of the crossfire (which to me seems silly as he'd probably be the best one to "lie" to the boy who has no memory of these people). Archie did finally reunite with Henry in this week's episode, which was sweet, but it remains to be seen just how much we'll see of the good doctor in the future... or even if he's just the cricket (at this point I will take what I can get).

As I said in my post yesterday, I did not choose Neal Cassidy for the reason that I don't count him (or Emma) as a "Storybrooke Character". There's a separate category for Neal and Emma, I'm not sure what they should be considered, but they aren't part of the Dark Curse (which was created so Rumple could get to Nealfire, and Emma was put in the magic wardrobe to escape it). I'm still confused as to why Neal had to go back to the EF since he was not part of the original curse, but whatever. What's done is done. They at least answered the question this past week as to why they decided this season that Neal needed to die to "advance the story". Some fans argue that it was so that Hook would have an easy way to Emma's heart - but let's face it, that was written long before Neal's death was decided on. Neal needed to die in order to revert Rumple back into the creepy bad guy we all know and love. I actually have a whole rant on his final few scenes in this week's episode... but that's for another blog for another day I suppose.

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