Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 4: Favorite Character Possessing Magical Qualities

Day 4 - Favorite Character Possessing Magical Qualities

Since tomorrow is "favorite villain" I had to choose a secondary character from Season 1 (and the very beginning of Season 2), whom I've already gushed about a little bit. I am not a fan of most of the magical characters on the show - the fairies, for the most part, are extremely disappointing (Blue I'm pretty sure is the mastermind of all the evil EVER, though). Tinkerbell is pretty cool, but she's also pretty unmagical ha ha.

I'm also not a fan of most of the villains on the show (nothing against the actors, I just don't like them... Maleficent is the most disappointing of all in every single way, though). So I couldn't choose my second choice of a villain because I really don't have more than one favorite.

And really, all along I was going to choose Jefferson. His magic may or may not come from his hat, but I think he counts. His story is most intriguing, and while they managed to close his story arc before he left the show for Captain America, he's got a lot left unsaid. I've always been curious to know what he meant by saying that magic and the hat is what cost Grace her mother - and he definitely blames himself for the loss. I wanted more flashbacks with his character. He brought humor in the EF flashbacks that were typically pretty dark, and he's handsome as all get out!

And, yes, it's another "Daddy's Girl" storyline. That he is reunited with his daughter in the second season is the perfect happy ending, but how they lost each other is so sweet and yet sad. Hat Trick in Season 1 told that story so perfectly and made him a very sympathetic "bad guy".

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