Monday, July 6, 2015

30 Days of Television: Day 19

Best television cast

I may not watch the show anymore, but I still ADORE the cast of Once Upon A Time - past and present. They are just a great group of people, so giving to the fandom (even now that it is insane and full of hate). They seem to genuinely care about each other in almost a family sort of way, supporting each other throughout the year in all of their endeavors and giving shout outs and encouragement.

Sure, the show is corny and sometimes some of them overact to the point of bllllaaaahhhh, but they all fit their characters (seriously can anyone think of anyone better to play any of the characters?!). The men are ridiculously attractive - Captain Hook never looked so good - the women [used to] kick major booty. All seem to have a *wicked* sense of humor when it comes to the ridiculous storylines (and family tree).

They all love what they do, they aren't taking life so seriously. Team 7 reaches out and engages and encourages fans (Gabe Kouth is my favorite on instagram, Michael Coleman is king on Twitter).

I could've gone with Arrow, or MASH, as they definitely round out the top three on my list. But ultimately it's the cast of OUAT that won out - because I can't think of a single cast member I don't like. They're all amazing and perfect for who they play. So... they win.

(and really SDCC in 2013 wins all kinds of everything.)

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