Monday, June 29, 2015

30 Days of Television: Day 16

Your guilty pleasure show

Okay, okay... I'm the first one to say soap operas are junk and not worth watching - but, in my defense, Reign is not considered part of that genre. It just plays out like one. The people are pretty, the dialogue is decent enough. I like that it's historical fiction (it's about Mary Queen of Scots and her husband King Francis however it doesn't play out like the real history at all). I think what most drew me to it originally were the costumes... and then Torrance Coombs came on the screen and, well, yeah.

I haven't really liked how the second season played out - not only was it more soap opera drama than anyone really needed - I didn't like the whole Mary able to jump from one guy to the other after being raped. I mean, seriously, be mad at your idiot husband (really dude you were worried Mary would be killed because you offed your daddy? how pathetic are you?!) for failing to protect you because he was out protecting himself, but it makes no sense to get into bed with a man who could literally end your life if he decided to make a run for the crown.

They even ruined Bash and Kenna's relationship for God knows what reason. I really LOVED the courtship they were working on in season 1 after they were forced to wed. It was a far more intriguing storyline than them both cheating on each other because they don't have anything in common. Kind of ridiculous.

And the first half of season 2 where Catherine was going nuts was pretty annoying, too. Honestly I'm surprised the ratings stayed up enough for a third season - I hope they can fix the mistakes of the past season. Though I really am not holding my breath. This is a primetime soap, afterall...

But it's still my guilty pleasure. And I still have hope for Francis and Mary to work things out (Frary forever!)... you know, before the inevitable happens and he dies... because he did leave her a widow in the real history...

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