Monday, June 18, 2012

Disneyland 2012: Photographic Countdown 3

We're 47 days out, and it's taking forever. This photographic countdown isn't really helping like I thought it would. All I keep thinking is "I wanna be there" when looking and remembering each photograph!

This shot was taken at the finale of the Aladdin The Musical show at Disney's California Adventure. Aladdin is, quite possibly, the best stage show Disney has in any of its parks - and I've seen a few of those. It isn't just a retelling of the movie, but stays very close to it. The music is familiar, with one song made especially for the stage production. Jasmine and Aladdin fly on a magic carpet, over the pyramids and sphinx... and audience! But the real magic of the show comes from the Genie himself. He's just as funny as Robin Williams' animated character, and just as spontaneous. He uses current pop culture in his jokes, and he leaves the audience in stitches.

It's a well done, well acted show, and EVERYONE who visits the park should see it at least once!

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