Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30 Days of Disneyland - Day 24: Favorite Disneyland Memory

Day 24 - Favorite Disneyland Memory

I have so many favorite memories at Disneyland. Having been to the park a handful of times (for several days most trips), I've created quite a few. So it's hard to choose just one. Instead, I will cheat and list my favorite memory(ies) of each trip. Because, well, I can. There's no Meme Police that I'm aware of. So I do what I want!

1990 Family Trip: I was 5. Favorite Memory was most definitely riding The Matterhorn. I sat with Dad, and mom rode behind us. The whole time mom was screaming at my dad to hold onto me. All I remember is the Yeti and the *huge* pool of water at the end (and the crowd). It was thrillingly fun.

2006 Road Trip: Erin and I drove 7 hours for one day at Disney. It was EPIC. We spent 11 hours in the park (would've been from opening to close had we not gotten lost on our way from where we stayed to the park). We only went to Disneyland park, not California Adventure, but we got to see everything we wanted to in that trip. It was before I got obsessive over planning and knowing everything about the parks. That would soon change, but I digress. Favorite Memory is hard to pinpoint because that whole day was perfect and awesome. Perhaps I will go with the memory of laughing pretty much non stop all day. We'd definitely found our laughing place.

2011 Haille's First Trip: Haille turned five in Disneyland. What better birthday could you possibly have?! My favorite memory from that trip was the last night we were all there (I spent an extra day in SoCal from the rest of them). We ate at Goofy's Kitchen. Haille'd been shy around the characters all week, but that night she was ALL smiles. She had a blast. She danced with Goofy, fought Pluto for her hot dog, played pranks with Dale, was sung Happy Birthday by the Fairy Godmother... and so much more. We stayed for two hours because of all the attention. It was awesome. (Another great memory was Haille falling in love with the Haunted Mansion... and the ONE particular hitchiking ghost that ALWAYS sat in our car. EVERY SINGLE TIME. CREEPY!)

2012 Family Trip: Another trip with Haille. Another GREAT trip. We had Gaylord's granddaughter and daughter with us that trip as well (his gdaughter is also named Hailee). My favorite memory is Haille Rae sharing all her Disneyland wisdom with Hailee (it was her first trip). She talked her through the scary stuff (remember, it just pretend!) and she showed her the tips and tricks to talking with the characters. She remembered so much of what I told her about certain things about the park and characters from the trip the year prior. I was bursting with pride. That kid is amazing. Gonna miss my park buddy on our trip this year.

82 days until we make a new set of favorite memories!

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