Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disneyland 2012: First ADR made!

Nothing makes me dance more,
like making our ADRs!
I called down at 8am Alaska Time this morning to book our first ADR for Disneyland. Actually it's not an ADR, it's "Priority Seating" but close enough. It works basically the same. Deanna was quick and easy to work with - just what you want in a Cast Member when booking anything.

Before chatting with the Cast Member, however, I sat on hold for about 8 minutes. Not bad considering it's summer, but it still had me a little worried. With Carsland openning next weekend it's no doubt they are busy, still I started worrying about our own plans in August. I got to listen to nearly the entire soundtrack from the animated version of Alice in Wonderland before getting my turn at the reservations.

My worries were for naught, however, because it was easy-peasey for Deanna to plug our party of 7 into a dinnertime of 6pm. I also took the time to ask her to make a note of the different celebrations - engagement, first time, and kindergarten graduation. I also asked about dietary concerns with Deanna. With Goofy's Kitchen being a buffet I wasn't sure it much mattered but Deanna took down the big ones anyway. We didn't have a problem finding things for Haille Rae to eat last time, but it never hurts to have the Disney staff aware.

So over all the first reservation of the trip was a breeze. Tomorrow I get to call again to book the girls' Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience, and then it'll be a couple of days before I can book our last reservation. I may also book a couple for myself - I gotta have breakfast at the Carnation Cafe - but I'm still debating that one.

I'm pretty much riding a Disney High at the moment. 'Tis a good feeling!

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