Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 Days of Disney: Day Ten

Day 10: Favorite Song

Oh dear, this is diffcult, we have many decades and many facets of songs to choose from!

So I'm going to cheat and pick one from film/tv, one from broadway... and one that is about Disney but isn't Disney.

First off, Erin's find that is pretty much my obsession. It's a tongue and cheek look at Disney World set to be sung like a gospel song. It's hysterical, and must have been written around the time the Southern Baptist Convention decided to boycott all things Disney due to the "gay days" at the parks. I remember that period as being very dark for my world. *Le sigh* but I understand the reasoning behind it. Too bad most Baptists didn't know/hear about it, but it was still effective. Nights of Joy came out of that whole deal, IIRC.

Anyway this is my pick for non-Disney Disney Song. It's entitled "Magic Kingdom In The Sky" and was written and sung by the group known as DaVinci's Notebook.

For Disney on Broadway it's all about The Lion King. My generation's Cats I suppose. I became obsessed with it after the show toured in Anchorage for six weeks. It was mind blowing, jaw dropping amazing! I was in awe and I saw it four times. My bank account suffered but it was SO WORTH IT. If it comes to your area, hock the farm and go. You will NOT be disappointed. It's spectacular and stunning and just wow.
My favorite song is Simba's solo in the second act where he talks to his father in his darkest moment. Where he feels alone and forgotten and so full of guilt. It's a powerful talking scene in the movie, but it's an AMAZING vocal in the show.

My favorite from tv/film was difficult. But I finally went with possibly one of the most romantic songs of all time. It's the love song from Cinderella, "So This Is Love". It's short, sweet, and beautiful. Sums up the romance perfectly. Even if it is a little far fetched that they fell in love at the very sight of each other - and that Cindy is blond enough to totally miss the fact that the dude she's dancing with is the prince.

So there are my top three songs. I was tempted to do one on pixar, but decided I'm too tired to do that tonight. Oh well. Ha ha!

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