Thursday, June 29, 2023

Picnic Photo Highlights

I apologize for the lateness of the photos. I was hoping to upload them to a facebook album and share them that way, however their latest greatest changes have made it impossible for me to upload anything! Computer is a total 0 after many tries over the last month and I have to fight often for hours just to post a photo from the cell phone. So for now we'll have the highlights on the blog and then eventually I'll make an album in my professional portfolio.

Rookie Lauro Eklund signs up for his first Iditarod and is all smiles.

Hunter Keefe and Isaac Redington keep tabs on the registration
lists for both the Iditarod and Jr. Iditarod.

Rookie Isaac Teaford sits down to register. He will drive a team
from Dallas Seavey racing kennel, but won't be alone in that...

Yes, that's Dallas Seavey getting a hug from daughter Annie as he
signs up to run Iditarod 52!

More under the break. :) 

Andy Pohl caught me taking photos so he thought he'd let me know.
Thanks for always entertaining, Andy!

Moose helps Jeff Deeter fill out his paperwork. 

As always, we were seeing double at the picnic... but...

Only Anna Berington will run a team from their kennel in
Iditarod 52! This is not the first time Iditarod's only had one
Berington, but this is the first time it's only Anna.

Brent Sass attended sign ups in person this year, last year he was
on a beach filling out his paperwork.

Jessica Klecka had help from daughter Lucy filling
out the paperwork. 

Jessie Holmes took a break from signing up to get a selfie with
the legendary Joanne Potts. Joanne is one of the longest standing
Iditarod volunteers these days and has had a hand in the race for"
most of its existence. She was still everywhere and there during 
this year's picnic.

Even Iditarod Champions need their mom sometimes to help
fill out the paperwork. Reigning champ Ryan Redington was
no exception and had to ask mom, Barb, for some help.

Proud mom had to get her own paparazzi photos as Ryan signed up.

New dad Travis Beals took time away from diapers to register.

Iditarod CEO Rob Urbach and Race Director Mark Nordman
in deep conversation on how to announce raffle winners.

Whatever story Ryan's telling, it looks like it's a good one.
How many mushers can you name in this photo?

Nicolas Petit came close to 3pm to register. In person registration
closed at 2:30pm so that the drawing for the free entry could happen
at 3pm. They gave Nic a grace period. He didn't win his entry back, though.

Waiting for the drawing in the rain.

Dallas won 500 dog booties.

Dallas was very protective of his box of booties.

Brent Sass won his entry fee back,
said it was worth the trip down from Eureka.

2023 ROTY Eddie Burke Jr. won his entry fee back as well.
He posted on his social media pages that this is the first
raffle/drawing he's ever won. 

And, that's a wrap on the 2023 Picnic photo dump! It was a fantastic day and such fun. It looks different than those of years past, smaller with fewer old timers... but it was larger than last year so I am optimistic it will only keep growing.


  1. Great pics - thanks for sharing 🐾

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