Sunday, October 10, 2021

Hobo Jim's wife shares final message from singer

As most have heard, Alaska's Balladeer Hobo Jim (James Varsos) passed away at home on Tuesday, October 5 with his wife Cyndi at his side. The singer-song writer was diagnosed with end stage, stage four pancreatic cancer a mere 17 days before his passing - a shock to all who knew him. While never one to spend a significant amount of time on social media, Hobo would post wonderful stories and throwbacks for friends and family to enjoy. During the height of the pandemic in 2020, Varsos would often put up a live feed and do free concerts for viewers playing requests and his all-time favorites (he even did one specific for children and made Alaskan millennials happy by playing his songs from the books Thunderfeet and Danger the Dog Yard Cat). 

Sunday, Hobo Jim's widow went onto his page to post Hobo Jim's final work he had saved to his phone. "Upon going through Jim's phone," she writes, "I came across this final message Jim wrote to all of you in his own beautiful words. "Thank you for loving him and embracing his music and love of Alaska. There is no one like a Hobo Jim fan. Here is to all of you. May God Bless you all, Cyndi."

Not surprisingly, Hobo Jim's mind was tuned to Alaska and her spirit that constantly called to his. Varsos spent 49 years of his life in the 49th state, most of those literally singing her praises. His songs spoke to many Alaskans on their lifestyle and why they loved their homeland. His memory will live on through the ballads, polkas, and folk music dedicated to his adopted state. 

The GoFundMe account is still active to help support Jim's wife Cyndi through this time. Hobo Jim's facebook page (and fan group page) is still up and fan tributes continue to pour in. 

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  1. Cindi...
    You were there with him always, in all way, and as he told me more then once... how much he loved his Life with You..
    He told me when I mentioned The Beauty in You was so beautiful, he shared the Fact that Was because of you.
    It was & is you...
    Inspiration & Love & companionship thru All Those Wonderful 👏 Years....
    I hope you have that.." Precious Peace Of Mind..."
    Your husband gave us so much fun, songs 🎵 & visions of Our Alaska! Thank You so much for your time &:Everything!
    Robyn Love..Girdwood 1980's & 9o's - saw him last many times Hooligans 2014 'ish for a few summers!
    Always GREAT, he is missed by us fans very much, but glad I can you-tube Jim Musuc often.
    Thank you Cindi...
    Take care