Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st Prayer...

May 1st Prayer...
Now I lay me down to sleep
one less terrorist this world does keep.
with all my heart I give my thanks
to those in uniform regardless of ranks.
you serve our country and serve it well
with humble hearts your stories tell.
so as I rest my weary eyes
while freedom rings our flag still flies.
you give your all, do what you must
with God we live and God we trust.

-Angie Whitmore

I cannot come up with words to express the news of tonight. Needless to say I am so proud of the men who served our nation in this covert operation. They will forever be the unsung and unnamed heroes of this war. The War on Terror is far from over my friends, and for our media and government not to see that is disturbing, but tonight is a night for a celebration of victory.


  1. Hi Tonichelle!

    My friend, Angie Whitmore, is the author of this poem. She was in NYC this past week. Upon getting home last night, she heard the news that OBL was dead, Having just been to Ground Zero, she was overwhelmed with emotion. In typical Angie Whitmore fashion, she posted her thoughts on her FB page. We, her friends, have reposted it with the added tag, "courtesy of Angie Whitmore". She has been overcome with emotion at the impact this simple poem has had on so many people. She never thought she would touch the world from her corner in WV, but anyone who knows her, can vouch that she has a heart of gold and gives so much to our community.

    We are trying to get the word out as this poem has gone viral so fast that many people do not know who wrote it. Can you add a tag to your blog with her name and credit her for the poem?

    Kerry Carter

  2. Kerry, thanks for the info, the blog has been edited to give credit where it's due! :)