Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Disneyland Photos: Frozen the Musical

I have to admit, I reluctantly went into the Frozen Musical with my parents on our last day at Disney. I was (and still am) upset that Aladdin was closed to move in the new obsession. Yes, Frozen was an AMAZING film, and the songs are not just annoyingly catchy - they're well written and sung. But I have been Frozen-fatigued for over two years now. They are overrunning the parks. Too much of a good thing and all that.

But, I did want to give this show a chance - even if walking into the theater I was wishing we'd get the improv magic of the Genie. I wanted to see the "new technology" in action and so I went in. I was plesantly surprised for the most part. While I still prefer the Aladdin show, the cast of Frozen is equally talented. The technology is impressive (though I disagree that "every seat is a good one" as most of the technology works best when you're sitting in the center),

Below are some of the bajillion photos I took of the show. This is probably the only time I'll watch the show unless the people I'm traveling with want to see it. It's not one that I'd go to multiple showings of in the same visit (like I did with Aladdin multiple times).

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