Tuesday, January 20, 2015

30 Days of Fangirl-ism - Day 7: OTP(s)

Oh dear, I should've read this meme more thoroughly before deciding to participate. I am not someone who ships a whole lot. I mean when it's something like "Snowing" on Once Upon A Time that's one thing - we all know that there's no way Disney'd let Adam and Eddie screw up THAT love story - but I normally don't ship characters until it's well established...

...or I get caught up in a past relationship that they tell that's over by the time the present day of the show happens (Oliver and Laurel in Season 1 of Arrow.... Emma and Neal, though I didn't like them originally)

But I do get on board with a few (and this probably means they're doomed).

For Arrow:

gif by sfelicitysmoak on tumblr
"Olicity" - I fought this hard. But this season I'm starting to really love Felicity and Oliver - I think because it's going at a natural pace... and because Oliver is less of a manwhore this season. It makes him much more likeable and deserving of someone as awesome as Felicity Smoak!

I also love Tommy and Laurel... too bad that didn't end happily. RIP Tommy Merlyn.

For The Flash:
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"WestAllen" - Because I love the idea of the best friends being more than that. Because Iris and Barry are adorable. Because, because, because...

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BROTP would be Barry and Joe - I ADORE their relationship. The episode that aired tonight gave me a lot of "feels" for this Father-Son like relationship. So I think it counts as a brotp.

For The Blacklist:

gif by fuckyeahtheblacklistedits on tumblr.
"The Keens" - as I said before I know they aren't going to end up together (latest interviews have the creators saying that they don't want to push a dangerous/unhealthy relationship, and I get that but...) but I love Lizzie and Tom together. Even though he was sent to ruin her life (and kill her!) I think he does love her and she does love him. It's a twist on "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"... and if THOSE assassins can make it, why can't the Keens?!

For Reign:
gif by sfelicitysmoak on tumblr
"Frary" is my favorite. I know I'm supposed to like Bash and Mary more, according to the fandom at least, but I like the royal duo. And I hate how the show is writing them into a split. It's lame! DON'T DO IT!

Bash & Kenna - they were thrown into a marriage neither one wanted by a demented king, but they are working through it. I love how Bash made an effort to court his wife and do right by her. Giving up his pining after his brother's wife. I know, it's complicated though.

For Once Upon A Time:

gif by shadownightfall on tumblr.
"CaptainFloor" - probably my favorite ship of all time. It was created as a fandom joke, and the show has embraced it. Colin falls better than anyone else on the show (except maybe Michael Raymond-James, who falls just standing still waiting to say his lines!)

BROTP definitely goes to "CaptainFire" aka MRJ and Colin - their characters may have been rivals, and their fans may go for blood when dealing with each other, but the two seem to genuinely care about each other. I love their friendship. Cracks me up! Wish MRJ was still on the show just so we get more BTS photos and vids of the two of them!

So there, I guess I do have a few ships! WHO KNEW?! ;)

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