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30 Days of Fangirl-ism - Day 1: Favorite all-time fandoms

Oh my, where do I begin. I've been a fangirl of so many movies and TV shows over the years - and many of them have had large fandoms. The first one I was ever a part of was the Star Wars fandom, and while I still love the Original Trilogy, that part of my childhood is all safely tucked away in many boxes. I should really go through it and see if there's anything worth money and part with it. Honestly over that fandom.

But many have stayed with me and new ones are taking its place (it was a big part of my heart, so I've got room!).

So what are the fandoms I'm a part of today? Let me list them and fangirl a bit (after all that's what this 30 day meme is for, right?!).

Arrow - I got into this show last spring. I was talked into giving it a try after I lost my sanity over a character death on another show (if you read my blog you know which one I'm talking about). I don't know if that's what triggered the fangirling, but I do know that I was totally sucked into the story. I like a good story with angst, ha ha! Oliver - when not being the playboy with a new girl every two scenes - was and still is an interesting character. Stephen Amell has done a great job of slowly peeling back the layers/walls in what makes the character accessible to those around him. So much is said with a look or action instead of words that it just makes me love the story even more. 

But even better than Oliver Queen are the characters that make up his team. The awkwardly brilliant Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett-Rickards), the loyal and morally centered John Diggle (David Ramsey), and the young upstart Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) all bring something to the table that "The Arrow" was severely lacking when he came to Starling City. Plus, the foursome offers a lot of hilarity while dealing with serious villains and problems plaguing their city. Felicity and Diggle are my two most favorite characters on any show right now. Dig keeps Oliver in line - calling him on a lot of his crap - and Felicity reminds Oliver that he's so much more than a vigilante killer. They bring out the best in Oliver, who then passes on the wisdom to his protege Roy.

It's just a really fun way to spend an hour. Entertaining, well done, attractive cast - what's not to love?

The Blacklist - Who doesn't love this show?! It's complex, dark, intelligent... and James Spader as Ray Reddington is funny as all get out. He is so twisted and I LOVE it. I haven't gone so far as don a fedora like most of the fandom... but I am obsessed with this show. And mainly due to Red's sarcasm and the fact that I WANT TO KNOW WHO TOM KEEN IS! Ryan Eggold (who plays Tom Keen) has the most fascinating character on Television right now.

Of all the shows I'm actively following/watching, this one has had the longest hiatus and I HATE IT. I want to know what happens next NOW. I can't get enough.

Disney - Duh! Was this ever a question?! This is probably my ultimate fandom. It encompasses a lot, I know. I love the animated films, most of the live action, the parks, the classic Disney TV shows... Walt Disney is my hero... I secretly believe I'm a Disney princess... Yup. I love Disney. I'm obsessed. Scary obsessed (and I'm not even sorry)!

Figure Skating - probably not what this meme was going for but I have to give a shout out to one of my oldest fandoms. I've loved to watch the sport since the age of four, and after trying my hand it and deciding I'm not up for living on my butt on the ice I can say that I have a huge respect for all those that do live their lives on the ice. Scott Hamilton has been my longest standing idol in any form of sport/celebrity. I followed his career religiously as a child (and if I'm being completely honest I still do). He brought his love of skating to thousands over the years, and it grew my interest and love for the sport.

I haven't paid much attention this year - I do not like the new commentary team we're stuck with - and it feels weird that I don't really know what's going on. I'm hoping my interest with renew itself soon. I feel bad ignoring one of my longest loves.

gif by onceland on tumblr
The Flash - I don't want to say DC comics because I'm not a comic book fan. I'm not really even a superhero fan. I loved Batman growing up... and the XMen... but really I couldn't tell you a thing about them other than what I got from the TV shows and movies. I couldn't care less about the whole comic book world thing - or the idea that the men playing the heroes changed every few editions. Kinda ridiculous really.

The Flash is a spinoff of Arrow - so when they introduced Barry Allen last season on Arrow I had to see what the fuss was all about. It's not as good as Arrow - I like that show above most all others. But The Flash has grown on me. The "Flarrow" crossover were the two best episodes of any show I watch this season. Just fantastic! I hope they do more crossovers, and soon!

49er Football - Yes, it counts. Football counts. And 49er football is the driving force. I've been a Niners fan since birth. I wanted to come out the day of the superbowl in 1985, but mom wouldn't let me because she wanted to watch the game. I'm that dedicated (and so is she). I grew up in the Era of Montana, Rice, and Young. I grew up during the height of the teams success... and I watched as that all went away. Then Harbaugh came into our lives and for a few brief years we had some of that magic back.

We're at a crossroads. And as frustrated and upset as I am over what happened this season - I still believe in my team. Win, lose, or tie... Red and Gold till I die! Who's got it better than us?! NOOOOOOOBODY!

Once Upon A Time - I have to admit I've dropped out of most of this fandom since the season 3 finale. For all my talk last year about how I was going to stick with the show, I never really got over them killing off a certain character... and I really was not into rehashing Frozen. I personally feel the more they get away from their original plan the more convoluted and annoying the show becomes. It's really not just the fact that Neal's gone and "dead is dead" when it comes to him - I liked the show before him, and until they killed him off I didn't really care if he was in the show or not. I'm just annoyed with the continuity issues and the fact that they can't seem to stay with a topic for more than two seconds. They don't flesh out anything.

That being said I am a HUGE fan of the cast of the show (past and present) and it's what keeps me interested. They aren't as active on social media these days (there are conspiracies as to why, but I ignore most of the fan talk), but they're still an amazing team.

Reign - This is the newest fandom I'm a part of. I'm playing catch up (honestly when am I not?!) and I apparently have chosen all the wrong characters to love and my "ship" is the wrong one as well (read the less popular one). Go figure. I do that no matter what fandom it is (Arrow, I was totally into Tommy and Laurel and he died... OUAT I love Neal and can't stand Captain Swan - but didn't ship Swanfire either!... The Flash I ship Iris and Barry... yup I'm just always on the wrong side of things).

Normally I don't like creative license taken with historical works, but as Torrence Coombs (who plays Sebastian on the show) describes it the show is more a "historical fantasy" or "historical fanfiction" and I think that fits. The show has a lot of what hollywood considers "romance" which bogs it down, but the characters are complex enough that it keeps me hooked even when it plays out like an episode of a soap opera (a better acted one but still). I'm glad the show got a third season.

So there we have it - the main fandoms I follow at the moment. I could've gone on with some of the ones I've been a part of in the past, but I'm pretty sure that's a prompt later on in this 30 day meme.

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