Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Worst Habits

I have a laundry list of these, too. So, again, I'll do a top 5 list... because I don't want to admit to all of them. Ha ha!

1. I pick at my fingers. It's a nervous habit I've had for as long as I can remember. My hangnails bug me and instead of taking care of them like I'm supposed to I pick at them. Gross, right?

2. I procrastinate. A lot. Social media does not help. Internet does not help. I am easily distracted. Even when it's something I enjoy doing, I have a hard time not putting it off.

3.When watching an intense sport or movie moment I bite my knuckles. I have bloodied them during 49ers games, figure skating, and several movies.

4. I can easily memorize movie and TV lines... problem is I then have a hard time not quoting them when watching them over again with friends/family. Apparently this annoys people?

5. I pick apart timelines in TV shows and movies. Continuity is a BIG DEAL. Apparently, some say my "over analyzing" is a bad thing, but it's part of my enjoyment of anything I'm watching. Though sometimes it does bother me (especially when it means gaping plot holes and the like). Once Upon A Time is filled with such issues. But I love it anyway... well... for the most part...

67 days till Disneyland!


  1. I totally do #2 and #5, #3 sounds painful though!!!!
    I don't know if it's a "bad" habit, but I suppose it could be, but I subconsciously spell my thoughts using ASL... it could be really bad if anyone understands haha! I just need to fiddle with my hands if I'm not doing anything else, and that's what they do, they start spelling. They may be spelling out song lyrics, or words on a nearby sign, or even the last thing someone else said to me hahaha! Mostly I do it when I'm just sitting at work or watching tv or something I notice suddenly I'm spelling stuff out haha!

    1. I haven't kept up with my ASL, but there are times when I do sign a few words as I'm talking.

  2. I know a few words, not enough to hold a conversation by a long shot haha! But I know the alphabet as well as the written alphabet and could spell in my sleep haha! (Probably do for that matter ROFL but no one around to prove it :p ) Learned it in 6th grade I think and taught it to the rest of my friends so we could talk in class during silent time...