Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where in the world has Tonichelle been?

Not as catchy as "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego" but it'll have to do. Today's prompt is "where have you traveled?"

I haven't been many places. With 10 trips to Disney Parks under my belt that means I've skipped out on other trips, so far, but I'm hoping that will change... eventually.

But, other than Disney World and Disneyland I've been to 16 (maybe more that I'm forgetting?) states, drove through Canada, cruised to the Bahamas... and of course I've visited many spots in Alaska (and still haven't seen most of my state).

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  1. Other than places in my own province, I've visited the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario... I've also travelled a bit in the USA (I've been to Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and New York (just the state, not the city), and also I've been to England and Wales.
    Oh, I've been to Scotland on a stopover, but wasn't allowed out of the plane so not sure that counts haha! However, the plane was parked on top a gorgeous hill and I had the most beautiful view from my window of exactly what I imagined Scotland to look like haha! Rolling red hills (it was autumn) and a castle in the backdrop :p

    Mostly now though I really, really want to go visit my sponsored kids one day, so that's all over haha! My #1 choice of travel if I were rich and not-pregnant would be Rwanda.