Friday, July 25, 2014

Favorite Blogs

I have to post my five favorite blogs today... I have a confession, I don't read too many consistently. I spend most of my time on twitter and facebook (which is kinda used like a blog by many, including me, even though it's "frowned upon").

But there are a few that I do enjoy when I read them, so here we go...

1. Disney Parks Blog - the official blog of Disney Parks. It keeps me going as I count down to the next Disney trip (51 days!).

2. Roots Before Branches (Casey Chappell) - I grew up with Casey's family. Casey is the oldest of 9 children, her dad was the pastor of the church that my family was saved and "raised" in. The Nichols' household was a second home to I think every kid at First Baptist Church of Kenai in those days. I love and miss all of them. Growing up as an only child their family was overwhelming and yet such a blessing at the same time. I love Casey's blog (when she has time to share, with 5 kids under 6 she has her hands full!) she is a gifted photographer and her work always inspires me.

3. Nelson Family Journey (Amanda & Darryl Nelson) - Friends from my days at Anchorage Baptist Temple, Darryl and Amanda recently adopted their daughter. Amanda is the main author of the blog, and I LOVE her heart in this journey! Adoption rocks!

4. Disney Tourist Blog - Photography in this blog is so inspiring. They share some of the best photos of the park and considering that's one of my favorite things to do in the parks, too, it really helps get my creative brain working in how to better my shots.

5. Kristin Shyla - Kristin is one of Casey's best friends. I met her in 2010 when we visited the Chappells for a few hours on our road trip to Disney World (aka the Road Trip From Hell). Kristin is a fellow photographer and another inspiration of mine. She shares her heart so openly. She's a beautifully creative person.

And there you have it! My five favorite blogs.

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