Saturday, May 31, 2014

To all who come to this Happy Place... Welcome!

Getting ready to start my next 30 days challenge, this one focusing on DISNEYLAND! Seems it's only fitting to do this since in about 106 days I will be on the plane headed for Southern California for a week of Disney and FRIENDS! I haven't blogged much about the trip and I need to get it into gear and get going on it. I AM excited about it, I just haven't felt the inspiration to blog about it... I blame my Once Upon A Time obsession for sidetracking me. (Seriously, still not over it ha ha.)

It's getting close and so the excitement is ramping up. Erin and Wess have gotten their airfare (I did months ago as I used miles and the flights I originally wanted had filled up their miles quota so I had to find another set of flights that worked and I snagged them as soon as I could). I also talked my friend Aimee into going. She and Erin have the same birthday. I "met" Aimee online over 10 years ago when we were both blogging on GreatestJournal (a livejournal like blog site). We'd found each other through our Star Wars fandom, and then realized we had a lot in common. We both loved our pug dogs, loved Star Wars, obsessed over DISNEY... and a friendship was born. We've never met "in real life", but we always talk about meeting - and it's normally a trip to WDW that we assumed would be how we finally made it happen.

Fastforward to Christmas of 2013. Aimee posted on facebook a video of the Wonderful World of Color water and light show at Disney's California Adventure and she was saying how she so wanted to go to DLR but didn't know when it would happen - if it ever would (she lives on the East Coast). I popped on and said she should come with us for her birthday. She thought I was joking. But I said I was serious! We had the room booked and ready to go, all she'd need to do is get airfare and park tickets and she'd be set! It was 10 months away it was doable.

After staying up WAY past my bedtime (which means she TOTALLY skipped hers ha ha) I convinced her to at least THINK about it. A few days later she'd made up her mind, she was going to do it! She has her airfare now, so I say it's official. We are SUPER excited - and she and Erin have become buds online as well... so I think I'll end up being outnumbered here pretty soon! haha!

Anyway, Aimee's been doing a first timer at Disneyland Meme on her FB so I figured I'd do a Disneyland meme on my blog... thankfully this is NOT my first time so I know what to expect and how to get things done! ;)

 30 Days of Disneyland!

Day 01: Your Favorite Land
Day 02: Your Favorite Main Street Attraction
Day 03: Your Favorite Fantasyland Attraction
Day 04: Your Favorite Tomorrowland Attraction
Day 05: Your Favorite New Orleans Square Attraction
Day 06: Your Favorite Adventureland Attraction
Day 07: Your Favorite Critter Country Attraction
Day 08: Your Favorite Mickey’s Toontown Attraction
Day 09: Your Favorite Frontierland Attraction
Day 10: Your Favorite Extinct Attraction
Day 11: Your Favorite Disney‘s California Adventure Attraction
Day 12: The Attraction You Gone On Most
Day 13: Your Favorite Piece of Architecture
Day 14: Your Favorite Face Character
Day 15: Your Favorite Atmosphere (Fur) Character
Day 16: Your Favorite Parade
Day 17: Your Favorite Live Show
Day 18: Your Favorite Band/Vocal Group
Day 19: Your Favorite Fireworks Spectacular
Day 20: Your Favorite Restaurant
Day 21: Your Favorite Food or Beverage
Day 22: Your Favorite Shop
Day 23: Your Favorite Thing to Collect
Day 24: Your Favorite Disneyland Memory
Day 25: Your Favorite Picture from the Park
Day 26: Your Favorite Cast Member Costume
Day 27: Your Dream Job
Day 28: Your Favorite Time to Visit
Day 29: Your Favorite Aspect of Disneyland
Day 30: Your Favorite Walt Disney Quote about Disneyland

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