Wednesday, May 21, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 22: Funniest Character

Day 22 - Funniest Character

Oh, Leroy. How I love his realism and sarcasm. I love everything about Storybrooke's Grumpiest member. He's got a heart of gold, he's just rough around the edges. I've been a fan of Grumpy forEVER (I first saw Snow White with my Grandma when I was either 11 or 12, I am not sure why it took so long), I just relate to him (no shock there). So when we meet Leroy in the Pilot episode and there's NO doubt who he was in Fairytaleland (I mean, could they have tried any harder to be obvious?!) I was super excited. That he's played by Lee Arenberg makes it that much sweeter. No one does "grump" like Lee!

What's funny is for the longest time I had no idea that I'd seen him in anything else. It wasn't until I was looking up the cast of OUAT that I realized that I'd seen and loved the actor in several movies (Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4) as well as a small part in an episode of Friends! I'm just glad several of my friends didn't recognize him either or I'd feel super stupid! Ha ha!

Lee's a hoot on Twitter, too - not shocking, all of the cast seem to be Twitter comedians! Not that it matters for his character, but it definitely adds to his charm.

Grumpy/Leroy has a lot of heart, and is very similar to the Disney version of the character... though he's a little darker and seedier in his Storybrooke persona. Still, Arenberg has perfected the character and you can't help but love him. And the writers are always good to give the town crier the funniest lines.

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