Sunday, May 4, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 10: Best Hair

Day 10 - Best Hair

Best hair has to go to the pirate who at some point between when we meet him and now has found the magic power of hair gel. Captain Killian "Hook" Jones by far has the best look of the men from the hairline on down. He hasn't missed yet - though his Naval Sailor hairdo was more of a misstep than not. Still, you can't say Colin O'Donaghue isn't the most gorgeous guy on the show. It may be the scruffy pirate facial hair, the hairy chest, the finely styled hair... or the guy liner. But honestly I can't think of a more attractive guy on this show (and there are a lot of really attractive guys!) and he has perfect hair.

I could've gone with Charming, but he had that really bad wig for the shepherd episode in season 1 and he's got a whole Ken Doll hair style going on this season. Not as good as the perfection that is Killian Jones. I could've also chosen Neal Cassidy - because I love the bit of silver he sported in his final few episodes - but the curly hair in Tallahassee was a no go for me. Jefferson's was hit or miss, August's was average...

So that leaves me with Killian Jones. Near hair perfection. It does bother me a bit that this man who has never been cursed and wears full pirate leathers to NYC (not once, but twice. like he didn't realize he was a tad overdressed when he went off to kill Rumple in season 2?!)... it just bugs me that he's suddenly found that gel does wonders to get the hair to do the up thing (ala Neal, only Hook just does the bangs, not the whole thing). I mean, if he can change up the hair, he can wear something a little less fairytale, right? (though, keep the guyliner. It worked for Jefferson!)

I think facial hair should also get consideration when talking best hair. With the scruff and mustache... um, yes please! It's perfect for the role, and actually compliments Colin's face extremely well (definitely prefer it to clean shaven Colin! ha ha!) and his EYEBROWS! I know most Hook fans (I am not a "Hooker" just because I hate that term. I don't think it's as cute as most claim it is. Even IF he thinks it's cute/funny. He's a guy. ha ha!) obsess over the eyebrow that is almost always raised in that sexy way, and it has been part of Colin's conversation ever since. But oh my word. I LOVE it. He's used it sparingly recently (going more for the puppy dog look where Emma is concerned) but when it shows up. I get all giddy. I'm pathetic!  ha ha!

So, there you have it. Another superficial post about one of OUAT's best actors. I feel so silly talking about things that have nothing to do with their talent. But it's what the prompt was. And it's a whole lot more fun than what's coming up in a few days...

Can I also just say that I LOVE the way Colin says "I don't." in this scene. I don't even know why it makes me so giddy, but it does.


  1. The only thing he has working against him is that sometimes Ginger Hook shows through :P