Thursday, April 17, 2014

30 Days of OUAT - Day 2: Favorite Female Fairytale Character

Day Two - Favorite Female Fairytale Character

This was supposed to be posted two-ish days ago, but my internet whacked out and it took our provider two days to get out and fix it (the modem went belly up). I was so bummed because I was excited to do my blog posts (I know, my life is sad, right? LOL). But then I went to write this one tonight and realized I don't even know who my favorite is. It's been a long time since we've seen a whole lot of the fairytale backstories, and I haven't rewatched Season 1 in a super long time. I was originally going to go with Snow White, because the OUAT version is by far superior to any other take on Snow White ever. But I'm not a fan of Mary Margaret, and really the "new Snow" of Season 3 isn't my cup of tea either.

So that left me searching, and I keep coming back to Red. I've loved Megan Ory's portrayal since the beginning, and I LOVE the character's overall storyline. It's tragic and yet triumphant. Since this is ONLY talking about fairytale characters, I guess it was just harder to go with one since their EF characters are only part/half of them any more. So off to youtube I went to rewatch some of Red's season 1 scenes. She totally owns the EF. She's every bit as much compassionate and strong as her BFF Snow, and she isn't a *princess* but is certainly just as regal.

Plus she ate her boyfriend who was Peter from "Peter and the Wolf" - the twists in her story are freaking amazing. She's Red Riding Hood, the Wolf from Peter and the Wolf... and I bet if they wanted they could put her in as Rose Red.

Her costume is awesome, she's beautiful... and she's as loyal a best friend as any girl could want. IF I could play a part in this show... I'd probably want to be Red (though her Ruby counterpart would be a little beyond me lol).

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