Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disneyland 2012: Less than 48 hours now...

In just two and a half days, the Matterhorn will be in my sights!
It's been a busy last few days. I finished up the autograph books Monday morning, and then began furiously editing photos - I am still not caught up! - and getting them out to clients. I still have work to do on photos, so depending on how things go while in the air maybe I'll work a bit on them, but I don't have a long layover - and both flights are just about three hours so it doesn't leave a lot of time to work on the computer. So, I make no promises.

I'm pretty close to finish packing. I need to I need to take a shower before I pack those essentials, oh and I just rrealized I didn't pack my shoes back into the suitcase. So that's where I am headed after this blog update. I will also be packing up my computer tonight, so I will go to phone only for the next day and a half. We all know I am horrible about blogging while on vacation (or even right after, let's be honest) so if you're interested in following along at all I suggest these links:

TWITTER // INSTAGRAM (no membership required) // FACEBOOK (I will not be adding friends while on vacation but the album is viewable by everyone)

Not that I think I'll have anyone watching, but I do know my disney friends like to live vicariously through other's "trip reports" so it is what it is.

Tomorrow morning I will head up to Anchorage, and then on to Wasilla. I have a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon. Afterwards I will hit the stores in Anchorage for last minute travel stuff before heading over to the g'parents. My gma had a health scare and has been in the hospital, so my wonderful friend Angie is going to take me to the airport Saturday morning. SHE IS AWESOME! My flight leaves at 11:40am and I'll be in Anahiem by 8pm!

So, I guess I will end this here. I am super excited to get this underway, and I hope my worries are for naught when all is said and done. Until Anahiem!

Oh, wait! I almost forgot, here's the link to the pics of the Autograph Books I created -

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  1. Well I think you're back by now from facebook haha, but I've been catching up on my blog reading this morning, so you get the comment here ;)

    And I think you go to Disney almost as much as one of my best friends, Scotty, haha but I can't say I blame you. I'd be thrilled to be able to go that often if I could afford it (I can't)... and if I was allowed in the USA (but my passport expired and I haven't found the funds to renew it, so I'm not lol... Too bad they won't just, you know, build a Disney here in Vancouver for me... then again, it's probably best they don't... I'd be there EVERY day.)