Friday, March 2, 2012

Where to watch the Ceremonial Start

I get asked this every year. I don't expect people to read this blog, so I know I will still answer this over and over, but just incase you stumble upon my blog looking for suggestions, here are mine.

First off, Downtown Anchorage. The race starts on Fourth Avenue - and it's well marked and blocked off. I think everyone should experience the madness and chaos at least once in their life, if only to understand why I don't go Downtown if at all possible! Ha ha! There's nothing quite like hearing the mushers be announced, hear the roar of all the dogs barking from all the teams getting so excited to finally be out there ready to RACE. The energy is overwhelming for many. If you're not big on photography or having an up close and personal seat to the teams, then 4th Avenue is great.

Next stop I would suggest is Goose Lake. This is a place that people really make a party for the event. Mushers tend to stop for a moment - especially if their fan groups are there (I think it's run by a group of Buser fans, if I'm not mistaken). There are no barriers, and trail guards let you get really close so long as you do not get in the way of the teams.

Just past Goose Lake is the second largest area of the trail that a lot of people come out for. Tudor Crossing. This is the spot that I am at every year (I trail guard) and it's perfect. It comes down near University Lake (dog walkers, PLEASE do not bring your dogs out to watch, they just get in the way. But if you must play stupid for a couple hours at the very least LEASH YOUR DOGS) and goes under Ambassador tunnel, and over the walking bridge over Tudor. There's a lot of parking. Alaska Air the last few years has given out Hotdogs. It's fun, and again you can get very close to the trail.

The last spot I would suggest is Campbell airstrip. This is where the 11 mile start ends and the dogs are packed back up and the mushers all head for Willow for the ReStart on Sunday. There's a different intensity here. Now the race will really begin. Teams are now locked into their 16 dogs, and it's game day. It's also a fantastic spot to take pictures from.

Where do you like to view the start?

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