Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dallas Seavey is Iditarod 40's champion

I grew up knowing that Mitch Seavey was a Peninsula musher. An "also ran" when I was growing up, Mitch wouldn't win his title until I was in college. Peninsula mushers were people we cheered for because they were "from the area" but they weren't the big names as far as teh media was concerned.

Then I was a "starving" college student in need of a job. I'd tried working during the school year and let's just say I'm still trying to get over that nightmare. I saw a job posting in Anchorage for "Ididaride" I figured that that was what the Iditarod called their giftshop. I was unaware of the Seavey's long time family business. Come to find out that it was a job for a gift shop of a new show they were planning for Anchorage called Wildride Sled Dog Show. It would later be renamed to Wildride Sled Dog Rodeo.

I vaguely knew who they were, and when I got called for an interview I was told I'd be meeting with Danny and Dallas. Dallas I knew only as one of the Iditarod rookies who was a couple years younger than I was and he finished. Not really enough to feel confident in getting a job with these people. But it was a shot.

I didn't get the job.

I got a different job. They needed someone who could run a sound board. Did I have experience. I'd worked at my church as a multimedia person, so I was in the sound booth but I worked with a computer. Didn't matter. I'd seen one, and I could turn one on. I'd learn the rest on the go. Two weeks before show time I was working 8+ hour days while everyone learned what the heck we were doing.

That job is still my favorite job I've ever had. Not counting my photography, I didn't get much more joy than when I was at the arena. Granted there were times we'd butt heads, and I shed tears over not knowing what I was doing, but I loved it. The people - were more like family - the being outdoors - ok so the threat of electrocution was bad - the puppies! - until they turned pirhana... I was hooked. I'd work for Dallas and Jen for the next four years. The last two years I also worked a full time job for the Federal Government as a receptionist. I'd finish work there and drive down to the Arena to help with the evening shows. The last year I worked, I did it so sparingly that I didn't take a paycheck. I just wanted to stay involved.

My move back to the Peninsula kept me from being a part of the action last year. Earlier this year - try a week before the Iditaod - I took a different job with the Seavey's. I'll be working for Danny now, not Dallas, but it's all pretty much the same. Tonight I got to be a part of Dallas's win.

No, I wasn't in Nome, but while Dallas closed in and then ran into Nome, I "reported" it on their social media. In a small part I felt a part of the whole process. It was an amazing acomplishment for Dallas, and I couldn't be more proud. Dallas and I might have butted heads numerous times while I worked for him, but he has my upmost respect. I've always been pulling for him - even though I promised him I wouldn't so I didn't jinx him - and it doesn't surprise me that he won. I downplayed it because I didn't want it to not come to be, but deep down I was bursting with pride.

Dallas is a worker, he's intelligent, he's personable; a great speaker. Watching him thank the Iditarod sponsors, and his supporters... talking about what got him to the win... he's one of the best choices to be the face of the Iditarod. They've been waiting for him to take it. And take it he did.

I'm delirious, if any of this makes sense I will be surprised... CONGRATULATIONS BUBBA! SO PROUD OF YOU!

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