Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dallas Seavey could be champion by 7pm AKST Tuesday

He's being declared the winner already by many tonight, but there's still 77 miles to go. Plus 3. He hasn't even hit White Mountain and the manditory 8 hour layover yet. But he's leading. By five to six miles on Aliy, and more on Ramey Smyth.

Yes, that Smyth the one that nearly ran down John Baker last year. The one that, this year, was in the 30s position wise until jumping up to third this evening. The one that tried to catch Dallas and Aliy all afternoon. The one's that still about 12 miles behind. The one that could easily throw off everyone's predicitions.

It's now midnight, and I'm freaking tired. I can't imagine what Dallas and Aliy and rest of the mushers are feeling. I'm sure through the sleep depravation, Mitch and Dan Seavey are both keenly aware that their son and grandson is close to making history. Just about 77+4 miles away from his first Iditarod title. They may be exhausted, but they're proud.

But there's still 77+ miles to go.

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