Thursday, June 9, 2011

Search continues for missing Talkeetna musher

Melanie Gould during Iditarod 35 (2007).
Gould has not been heard from
since May 31, 2011.
Talkeetna musher Melanie Gould was last seen by friends on May 31st gassing up her pick up truck. When she didn't return to work on Tuesday, June 1, her friends and coworkers became concerned and reported the young woman missing.

Troopers have been searching for her from Tuesday until today when they called off the ground and air search. They reportedly will be continuing their investigation, but their efforts - for now - have been exhausted in the area that Melanie's truck was found. Search dogs hit in and around the truck, but no where else. This could mean she took a different vehicle out of the area - but with the weather the way it was up to the day of the find, it could also just be that the scent no longer exists.

Friends and family - including Gould's community of Talkeetna - are picking up the search. Their meeting this evening had a basic game plan for tomorrow. They are asking for anyone with the time and resources to please come out and search. They are looking for former military, SARS, and police officers to head up the search teams.

To see how you can help visit the facebook page HAVE YOU SEEN MELANIE GOULD. Join the team to bring her home!

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