Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day Nineteen

Day 19: A Talent of Yours

Well I'm going to take the cheaters way out and say Photography. Quite possibly it's the only semi-talent I have. I envy those that can sing, play an instrument well, and other talents. I envy other photographers as well, because I'll tell you a secret - I'm not very good. At least, I don't believe that I am. Seems funny that someone who is on her way to being a professional photographer says that, but I look at others and their work and I feel that I am sooooooooo far behind them on the talent scale.

I think the work I'm most proud of these days are my photos of sled dogs. I'm really enjoying shooting the races, however I'm no where near Jeff Shultz's ability. But he's had way more practice. I'm super excited to use my new zoom lens to see what types of shots I get this year!

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