Friday, February 24, 2017

Keep up with the Last Great Race

With the world's technology ever improving, there are more ways than ever to follow along with Alaska's greatest race. I've listed my favorite sources below, but you can also follow the race with ME! Not just here on the blog, but from time to time I will be broadcasting LIVE on periscope.

You can also chat along with me and other Iditarod enthusiasts on twitter, just follow the hashtags: #Iditarod and #Iditachat (just be aware there are trolls on the tags)! Follow me at @tonichelleak to keep up with all of the latest race updates. You can tweet me questions and I can answer them on twitter and depending on the topic it may prompt a blog post or who knows I may even use it on periscope! 
But, you don't want to just get MY take on the race, that would be crazy. So how should you follow Iditarod 45? - this is a no brainer. If you aren't an Iditarod Insider, I highly recommend it. (No, I don't get a commission on sales.) The GPS and videos give great insight into how the race is going. This is where all official releases are posted, as well as blogs by several experts, the teacher on the trail, and ITC leadership.

Facebook - There are several folks on facebook worth following during the race, most of them are mushers themselves, or are family members of the musher(s) on the trail. Normally I'd say follow Danny Seavey and you're good but he's not going to be available this season. So here's a few alternatives this go around.
  • Jake Berkowitz - He was a top ten finisher before he started a family and decided to get out of running dogs. Now he watches via the internet. He will be writing for the Alaska Dispatch but I believe is also planning on posting thoughts on Facebook. 
  • Dallas Seavey - This is Dallas's racing team page. It's run by his wife Jen. Jen is an Iditarod finisher, now she's super mom who manages her home, family, and the team. She manages to blog at least twice a day during the height of the race. She gives insight not just to Dallas' race, but to the rest of the field. While biased for Dallas, there's still some very fair reporting of what is going on done by Jen's blogging.
  • Sebastian Schnuelle - though I believe most of his posts will be done on the Iditarod website, he posts more photos to facebook when he has a strong enough internet connection. I'm not sure if he'll be out on the trail this year, though. But Danny Seavey said to follow him so I'm going to assume that Seb is doing what he's done the last few years and chasing the teams on his iron dog.
Twitter - Like Facebook, there are a few folks on Twitter you NEED to follow. (Aside from me and my friends, we're pretty amazing, but for news...)
  • KNOM - Nome media, their social media definitely keeps up with the race, and they seem to know what they're talking about. Makes for a good source of info.
  • ADNIditarod - The Iditarod specific social media for the Alaska Dispatch. Another fantastic source. 
  • Kyle Hopkins - he works for KTUU, but he worked for a long time for the Anchorage Daily News (now the Alaska Dispatch). He has covered the Iditarod for years.
  • Alex Stein - He directed a documentary on the Iditarod a few years back. He's one half of dog works radio podcasts about the Iditarod. 
  • Fairbanks News-Miner - They also post a lot of Iditarod stuff, especially when the race starts out of Fairbanks.

Alaska Dispatch - The official website of Alaska's largest newspaper. They have an Iditarod specific section (which is what I linked). 

KTVA - the official news channel of the Iditarod. (Personally I am not impressed with their coverage or their news casters having very little understanding of the sport/race. The only reason they're the official channel is they are owned by GCI which is a major sponsor of the race.)

KTUU - The best local news station in Alaska, IMO. The sports crew GET the Iditarod, love it, and it shows. I prefer KTUU, but they don't have access to the start, restart and finish.

Dog Works Radio - Robert and Alex have an Iditarod specific podcast during the race. They discuss it in depth. If you aren't into reading - this is one way to keep up with the race.

Or just follow along on my twitter and blog. Twitter I share from all of these people/sites throughout the day. And when I have a chance to blog, I do. 

We're a week a way, guys ONE WEEK! 

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