Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Someone tell this race to SLOW DOWN!

Robert Redington coming to the finish
of the Ceremonial Start of Iditarod 44.
March 5, 2016
I'm pretty sure I say it every year that the race is faster than ever before - I think this year that's partially due to my traveling home on Monday instead of our normal schedule of heading home directly from the ReStart. It might make for a less exhausting day for us, but man I felt VERY out of the loop and I've been playing catch up ever since!

The leading teams are on their way to Cripple - go figure, Dallas Seavey has lead the charge - but the race IS slowing down as many teams are declaring their 24. I'm assuming Seavey the Younger will take his in Cripple. Seavey the Older lead the charge into Takotna last night, and it looks like he's declared his 24, but Team Seavey for me is hard to predict even when they're being predictable.

This race has been more about mushers being sick, than injured dogs or sick teams. Dogs are hardy, but mushers are quickly becoming their team's weak link. Wade Marrs and Dallas Seavey both started the race with the same crud that's walloped many people this winter. But this is the Iditarod - sick or not, they're going to run. Wade is taking his 24 in McGrath. He's ahead of schedule, and had planned to stop in McGrath, but judging by how he sounds and looks in the Insider video he's the one that really needs the rest.

Lance Mackey is doing better than a lot of fans expected. After last year's race where he had so much trouble with dogs and his body failing, most speculated he would be done (including Lance himself). But a "new team of dogs, new girlfriend, and new sponsors" seem to have rejuvenated the once deflated musher. He's been upbeat and positive in the Insider videos, but maybe that's because of the grape flavored energy drinks.

Travis Beals seems to be having a less than stellar run right now, in his latest video he comments that the team is young and he just wants to see what they can do. He later says that they aren't quite where he wants them to be - but that the Gorge was much better than he remembered from two years ago. Sweetest part was that while the Insider was quizzing him about his team and their run, Travis was thinking of those behind him - especially his partner Sarah Stokey. I think the two of them will win the Iditarod AWWWWWW award when all is said and done.

Anywho, just felt like checking in - as I have neglected to blog through this thing. Next year I will demand an internet connection for Sunday. I may also break the rules and drink Dr. Pepper all weekend so that I can stay up all night. Having a 9-5 job has also made following this race difficult. /whine

Mitch Seavey giving out high fives as he comes to the finish
of the Ceremonial Start of Iditarod 44. March 5, 2016.

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