Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oh, she replied...

I promised to update if I got a response from the musher who was supposed to remain nameless. Mind you, I do not blog to get into a war of words with people - the only reason I'm "not letting go" is because of the hurtful and unnecessary comments Ms Denure made about someone who passed away during a long and hard fought battle with cancer. I don't freaking care that he was a jerk in her eyes, you just don't do that on another person's post honoring their friend knowing full well his friends and FAMILY would be able to read it.

So this is HOPEFULLY the last time I post about this, but, well... I'm not holding my breath that this is the end of it.

As for this only being a three person battle against her - she knows darn well there's more than three of us that have these feelings. Heidi is just the most vocal of the mushers - but I can tell you that I have listened to MANY mushers of all ranks say exactly what they think about her.

Secondly, I am not targeting anyone. I am not the one who decided to be ugly about Bob's passing.

Thirdly, and probably way more importantly - the idea that she doesn't go around talking poorly about others is laughable. She went after Jeff King last year, she's gone after others as recently as just a few months ago to the tune of trying to get their sponsors to pull their support! And SHE wants to continue to play the victim? No. Again - I have gotten contacted by SO MANY who are DONE with her actions since my blog post. It's been eye opening - and it's the reason why I will continue to speak up when I feel it is warranted.

Oh... and one more thing: Who the heck is BRIAN?

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