Saturday, February 20, 2016

Is the Iron Dog important for Iditarod fans?

With the ceremonial start of Iditarod just two weeks away, fans are anxiously counting down days grasping at any news on their favorite teams they can.The Iron Dog is a race run partially on the Iditarod trail system on snow machines (though the race uses the term that Canada and the rest of the US use: snow mobile). They kicked off their ceremonial "parade" through Anchorage this afternoon. Like the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, the Iron Dog likes to put on a show for the fans and onlookers. The irony is - the Iditarod was created, in part, to protect the sled dog from extinction due in part to the invention of the snow-machine.

So why is this race important for the Iditarod fans? Well, it is an interesting race going from Big Lake to Nome to Fairbanks, over some of the most interesting terrain. And, the drivers are pretty exciting. But what really stands out is this is our only look of the trail conditions before the Iditarod begins. The last couple of years we've seen the Iron Dog drive on dirt and skim over water (with one sinking near Nome!). While they don't travel the entirely same trail as the dog teams will in two weeks (we don't see them go through the Happy River Steps) we at least get the general idea.

So enjoy watching the race updates, and lets hope the trail is a good one for both races!

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