Saturday, February 13, 2016

Iditarod will stick with Tradition

After another winter gone MIA in South Central Alaska, many fans worried that the restart for Iditarod would once again happen in Fairbanks. While the Fairbanks restart and race was considered successful - many traditionalist fans were excited with the outcome of yesterday's vote. With just three weeks until the Ceremonial Start, the concern now turns to how to get snow into Anchorage for the festivities of Fur Rondy and Iditarod.

Reports from Willow have trails looking and feeling good. My big wonder is what the "Happy River Steps" and Burn looks like. Reports earlier this season said the area looked better than it had in the previous two winters, however that's not really saying much. We won't get a good idea of what the Trail looks like until the Iron Dog goes through - that race begins in Big Lake on the 20th.

The Reitter Trail Guard team will be out at Tudor Centre again this year. Very excited to see everyone and cheer on the teams. I'm predicting more slush like last year. I just hope we don't wake up to rain again. That was NOT a fun way to start the Idita-weekend.

Then on Sunday we'll be in Willow to see the race begin "for real". Not volunteering - hoping I can somehow get a handler badge to be able to get into the musher area, if not I'll still hang out around the area. We're taking the Viking so we'll be able to get the spot I want when the teams come down the chute. Should be good times.

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