Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Favorite photos from 2015

There were so many beautiful moments this year, it's hard for me to pare it down as much as I have for the photos. I was going to go month by month, but that seems like too much work at this juncture, so it's in no real order, just however blogger decided to download them. There are more under the cut, as always, and if you would like to order a print please contact me via the comments section and I can work with you.

Here's hoping 2016 sees even more beauty!

I am in this photo, but I set it up so it counts. This was taken the last night
Dean and Mary Nichols were here for a revival. I hadn't seen Dean since
2010, and he hadn't preached at First Baptist Kenai since 2006! It
was good having them "home" for a little while. I miss them!
This group is just a small representation of the youth group my dad led
while Dean was our pastor.

As I said in yesterday's post, my dad helped Kassy
coach TBall... as you can see, it wen't well.

Sushi was very happy to wear his 49ers Jersey
and pose with an "official" NFL Network Football.

Delaney is full of expression... even when she's
supposed to pay attention to the game.

Another friend of mine's daughter also played TBall this year, and she
was more about playing in the dirt than playing the game. Gotta love littles!

We see the Coast Guard plane frequently, they use our airport to train.

This was the first year I tried my hand at taking photos of planes.
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Fireworks the day after Thanksgiving. I actually remembered all of my gear
this time! Too bad I still haven't found the perfect spot to get the best
shots. Still experimenting.

It's not a Disney pyrotechnic show, but it'll do.

The Finale!

This is the skittish Eagle and his friend Raven from this December.
Much different than the other two I shot earlier this year
(and shown further down in this post).

The Kenai River in winter. Taken at the Soldotna Park while waiting
to shoot an engagement and family session.

Taken the second day of 2015, it's a gorgeous shot when printed, too.
Probably one of my absolute favorites from this year.

Mt. Spur looking rather LARGE. It's actually across the Inlet from us,
but it looks like you can drive right up to it in this shot.

Baby moose are irresistible, and who doesn't love twins?!

Another gorgeous Alaskan Sunset.

I grew up with Gage's mom, he has some of
the best expressions!

Speaking of expressive... Delaney never disappoints either. Cracks me up.

Gage saw me and recognized me, so he started making faces at me when
he'd run by. What a goober!

The Kenai Caribou herd showed off for passersby all summer long.
Show offs!

I'd nearly forgotten about this shot until I started
going through the year in photos. I need to
print this baby.

By far my favorite shot I did for my
photo business this year.

Little brothers and their need to photobomb.

This print is displayed proudly over my mother's
computer. I printed it and had it professionally framed
for her for her birthday/Mother's day.

Delaney enjoying a very rainy Fourth of July parade.
Probably my favorite picture of Mt Redoubt I've ever taken.

This print of the harbor is extremely popular. I'm so amazed how many
people have asked for a copy!

This pooch was up for adoption early in 2015,
I just thought his tongue was so cool! THE FLASH!

Dallas Seavey and team taking the "Idita-plunge"
at the Ceremonial Start of Iditarod 43. They
would go on to win their 3rd Championship 8 days later.

Kristy Berington's dogs have major tongue action.

Looking very powerful as it walks across the snow.

Very few things are quite as unnerving as an eagle giving you the Eagle Eye.

Just the perfect amount of action blur. Go me.

Someone puffed himself up to look bigger.

So alert.

The talons are huge!

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